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AFCOM Data Center World: TFORM Shares the Truth About Data Quality and CMDBs

Join TFORM Executives Wednesday, April 17 at 1:30 pm in Room 206

When it comes to data centers, the indispensable pillars supporting the world’s digital economy, data quality and an accurate Configuration Management Database (CMDB) are critical in ensuring operational efficiency, reliability, a strong security posture and compliance. 

A comprehensive CMDB should serve as the central repository, or single-source-of-truth, for storing and managing critical information about a data center’s IT assets and their interdependencies. In other words, it should provide an accurate, real-time view into all the IT equipment residing in the data center and their relationships to one another. That includes everything from servers, network, applications and more. A near 100% IT asset management data base allows IT operational teams to make more informed decisions, boosts their efficiency and accuracy, helps businesses to renew maintenance and licenses with confidence and empowers them to tackle audits and regulatory compliance checks.   

Here’s the problem – and it’s a big one: Industry statistics estimate that only 25% of organizations receive meaningful value from their CMDB investments. Per Gartner, 99% of organizations with inadequate CMDB tooling will experience disruptions in 2024.

Data quality issues have been challenging for IT operations for many years, affecting every vertical worldwide. Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to poor decision-making, operational-inefficiencies, unplanned outages, inaccurate change control data and other negative consequences.

To correct this problem, companies have spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions, on IT operational tools, hoping to get an accurate and holistic view of their IT environment. Many in the data center sector leverage a myriad of IT tools (i.e., ITSM, backup, patching, monitoring, anti-virus, security and more) to try and create that single-source-of-truth. Often, they are unable to fully realize their objectives because of the inconsistent data quality in their tools.

That’s where TFORM is stepping in to provide data center operators with the toolkit needed to rectify data quality issues once and for all. As a powerful Data Quality Management platform, TFORM quickly and efficiently bridges a company’s existing IT tools – identifying dependencies, correcting inaccurate data and delivering a unified data source that simplifies IT operations, boosts security and drives efficiency.

President and CEO, Andy Abbas, and VP of Client Engagement, Pablo Campos, will deliver a unique case study to the AFCOM Data Center World Audience. Here are the details:

Title: Case Study – How Atos Overhauls IT Operations Data Quality for a Healthcare Client

When: April 17 at 1:30 pm

Where: Room 206

Together, both visionaries will share how Atos leveraged TFORM’s solution to improve the data quality in their client’s tools, enabling the client to gain greater insight and control of their IT environment. TFORM drove cost savings by identifying areas where they were overspending on IT resources and finding ways to streamline processes and operational efficiency. Audience members will learn how these benefits can translate effectively into the data center environment.

For an industry always concerned with optimizing operations, this is a must-see session.

If you’re going to AFCOM Data Center World and would like to meet with TFORM, email [email protected] or [email protected].

To learn more about TFORM, visit tform.io.

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