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AEC-2 Now Live, Delivering Secure, Resilient Trans-Atlantic Connectivity

Latest Cable System Terminating at NJFX

Wall, NJ – December 2, 2020 – NJFX, the only Cable Landing Station (CLS) colocation campus in the U.S offering Tier 3, carrier-neutral data center capabilities, announces that AEC-2 subsea cable is now live at the facility. The cross connect was “turned up” just before Thanksgiving, with a live event that included representatives from the carrier community at NJFX, Verizon and Telia. The event was hosted by NJFX Founder and CEO Gil Santaliz. New Jersey Senator Declan O’Scanlon marked the momentous occasion with his insights on the Garden State’s place in telecommunications history. Additionally, Aqua Comms CEO, Nigel Bayliff, spoke about the decision to land AEC-2 at NJFX.


NJFX continues to establish itself as a true CLS hub, now complete with four cable systems and seven carrier backhaul routes. NJFX helps carriers strategically diversify connectivity options to key hubs across North America, Europe, and South America, bypassing legacy chokepoints. 

Santaliz’ innovative approach to thinking outside traditional telecom partnerships and network architecture, led him to establish NJFX’s unique offering. NJFX is a truly re-imagined hub of connectivity outside of the congestion of New York. 

You can view the entire NJFX Transatlantic Interconnection virtual event here. To learn more about NJFX, visit www.njfx.net.

About NJFX

NJFX owns and operates a 64,800 square foot purpose-built Tier 3 Cable Landing Station 

(CLS) Colocation facility and 58-acre campus in Wall, NJ strategically located 64 ft above sea level and hurricane 5 resistant. This unique campus is the only CLS colocation campus in the U.S supported by several route-independent carriers that offer direct access to multiple independent subsea cable systems interconnecting North America, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. The facility offers direct access to TGN1, TGN2, Seaborn and HAVFRUE/AEC2 (2019) and Wall-LI (2021) subsea cable systems. High and low-density colocation solutions are available with 24/7 support.

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