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AdaniConneX Shortlisted for Multiple Capacity Global Carrier Awards

In February 2021, EdgeConneX and Adani Group established a joint venture, AdaniConneX, to develop and operate data centers throughout India, to address the rapidly growing need for high-quality and reliable IT infrastructure and build out India’s leading green data center platform.

AdaniConneX’ primary goal is to  humanize its brand by showcasing the builders of AdaniConneX and share their journeys. People respond to people. A people-centric persona is engraved into their B2B communications, and their campaign narratives have received appreciation and responsiveness from customers and competitors.

Building a highly respected, strong brand like AdaniConneX is crucial and doing so successfully leads to a significant impact, both internally and externally. The right Marketing Team sets the stage for the entire company, growing the brand’s voice and spreading an uplifting vibe across the entire company. 

Therefore, it’s exciting to receive such recognition in the recently released shortlist for this year’s Global Carrier Awards by Capacity! AdaniConneX is up for three different awards including Best Marketing Team, Best Social Media Campaign, and Best Marketing Campaign. 

AdaniConneX was one out of more than 280 entries that were received for this year’s awards — a new record for Capacity! A total of 23 judges will further refine and review those who made the shortlist and announce winners at Capacity Europe 2022 in London.

Good luck to AdaniConneX and all others who were included on the shortlist! 

Don’t miss Angela Capon, VP of Global Marketing, EdgeConneX, and Dick Theunissen

Managing Director, EMEA, EdgeConneX speaks at Capacity Europe. The event takes place October 18-20 in London. 


Be sure to check out the complete list of those shortlisted here.


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