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A TSF team on the ground to respond to the Ukraine war

A TSF team left recently to reach Ukraine’s neighbouring countries. In coordination with the United Nations and other humanitarian organisations on the ground, they will assess how best TSF’s expertise and solutions could meet the needs of the refugees and the humanitarian coordination mechanism.

368,000 refugees have already left the country in just three days, fleeing to Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Another 160,000 are estimated to be displaced within the country. If the war continues, the United Nations expect up to 7 million displaced Ukrainians, becoming one of the largest humanitarian crisis on the European continent in many years.

“TSF has been monitoring the situation since the beginning of the crisis, but its evolution remains extremely uncertain and can rapidly change at any time. The reception mechanism is being put in place in all the destination countries. From our experience in similar crises, being ready to respond from the very first days is paramount. Being already on the ground will provide us with all the necessary information to be able to respond in the most effective way to this unprecedented crisis,” Jean-François Cazenave, TSF President, explains.

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