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A Look into Russia’s Data Center Market with Guy Willner, Co-Founder & CEO of Ixcellerate

Recently, Joao Marques Lima, JSA’s European media consultant, had a chance to sit down with Guy Willner, Co-Founder and CEO of IXcellerate, a commercial data center operator in Russia. IXcellerate recently began construction after securing Europe’s largest data center campus in the south of Moscow with up to 200MW planned. Guy discusses the importance of this expansion project, which will bring more connectivity options to the incredibly large and underserved Russian market. He goes on to explain that while Russia is not technically an emerging market, it is definitely newly developing and currently equalizing when it comes to the data center industry.

Joao and Guy also discuss the rise of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) and their impact on the tech space. Guy explains that this is an interesting moment in the history of technology, illustrating that companies who are largely beholden to private investors for a majority of their funding are starting to seek out more freedom.  He goes on to note that the UK London Stock Exchange is thinking of changing its rules to allow for SPACs, and mentions the rise of this phenomenon in other major European markets.

To learn more about the trends in the Russian data center market, including IXcellerate’s plans to expand further in Russia and even Kenya, watch the JSA TV interview below.

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