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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend MarketplaceLIVE

MarketplaceLIVE | November 7, 2019 | Spring Studios, New York, NY

MarketplaceLIVE is returning to NYC this fall! Digital Realty’s MarketplaceLIVE is an industry-leading networking event that brings together Digital Realty’s global marketplace of clients with thought leaders in the areas of cloud computing, financial services, telecommunications and media.

For those that have never attended or need a refresher, here’s a rundown of what makes MarketplaceLIVE the NYC industry event you need to attend.

  1. An Inspiring Community

Bringing together the community that builds the foundation of the Digital World, MarketplaceLIVE is the place where the complete community of cloud and connectivity stakeholders meet to learn, share ideas, and get inspired in a fun and elegant atmosphere. Through tailored content tracks, attendees from differing roles and backgrounds will be able to gain valuable knowledge and insights that most resonate with them, whether you’re a network engineer at a startup, a solution architect for a cloud service provider, or a CIO at a Fortune 500 company.

  1. A Focus on Collaboration

This year’s theme is “Where X Meets Y, The Power of the Hybrid” which is about uncovering collaborations that are hiding in plain sight. What happens when unique and unexpected forces come together? The possibilities are limitless, and MarketplaceLIVE wants to put the spotlight on what some of those possibilities are. Stay tuned for the agenda & inspiring speaker line-up coming soon!

  1. The Unconference Conference

Dry panel discussions in windowless ballrooms is where inspiration and excitement go to die. The goal of MarketplaceLIVE is to replace panels with compelling stories on how the industry is changing the world, no matter how big or small their impact. Sessions deliver practical, usable information in addition to inspiring attendees.

  1. Location, Location, Location

The home of MarketplaceLIVE is the beautiful Spring Studios which is most popularly known for hosting events around fashion week and high tech. Floor-to-ceiling windows with views of lower Manhattan and the Hudson River create an airy and elevated environment to showcase brands and network all day long. The date—Thursday, November 7th— will be in beautiful NYC in the fall… Need we say more?

  1. Bonus Reasons for Attending

– Inspiring keynotes & speakers

– VR/AI stories & experiences

– Hundreds of people to mingle and network with

– Hackathon from the center of the internet

– Delicious food keeping you fueled throughout the day

– Work lounges & charging stations

– Interactive breakout sessions

– Networking friendly exhibitor space

– Swag bags

– Happy hour & entertainment

More Details & Registration: www.marketplacelive.com

Mark your calendar

MarketplaceLIVE is proudly hosted by JSA Partner -Digital Realty.



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