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Connection to Canada

365 Data Centers Offers Fiber Connection to Canada with Crosslake Fibre

365 Data Centers customers can now connect from some of the company’s data centers into Canada thanks to a new agreement with Crosslake Fibre. Crosslake is an international network provider and developer of unique subsea and terrestrial fiber networks. With the addition of Crosslake as a customer and service provider at 365’s Buffalo, New York, network-hub data center, customers can connect from Buffalo to Toronto and Montreal in Canada, as well as additional network transport options to Chicago, Rochester, Ashburn and New York in the U.S.

Crosslake Fibre network
365 Data Centers customers now have access to Crosslake Fibre’s network into Canada.

“Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York and has a rapidly growing and evolving tech scene,” said Mike Cunningham, CEO of Crosslake Fibre. “We have extended our network here based on our customers’ demand and the potential the city offers. With 365 Data Centers, we have found the ideal partner and location to offer as an access ramp-on point to our international network. Companies wanting to interconnect with our portfolio of services can now do so with dark fiber, managed spectrum or optical capacity solutions.”

Connecting through Buffalo

Crosslake specializes in providing long haul connectivity between major markets and middle-mile connectivity in rural regions. Customers of 365’s Buffalo data center, which is in the city’s telecom hub, can choose from more than 20 different carriers to access worldwide networks. The addition of Crosslake’s cable system provides backbone internet infrastructure that benefits wholesale carriers, cloud service providers and enterprises that run high-performance based platforms.

The addition of Crosslake’s services brings more network traffic into Buffalo, which can be interconnected to the networks of 365 and the approximately 30 other U.S. and international service providers housed at the Buffalo data center.

To learn more about 365 Data Centers’ Buffalo location, as well as its other data centers and connectivity offerings, visit www.365datacenters.com. To learn more about Crosslake, visit www.crosslakefibre.ca 

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