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Unwrapping 2023

2023 Unwrapped: Lightpath’s Breaking News, Expert Insights, and Customer Triumphs

As we approach the end of 2023 and reflect on a year marked by significant achievements, impactful news, thought-provoking articles, and inspiring customer spotlights, we invite you to join Lightpath on a journey throughout the key pieces that have defined their compelling trajectory over the past twelve months. 

Let’s Revisit the Highlights

Lightpath’s Major 2023 Announcements:

Above all, 2023 brought forth a cascade of significant news that propelled Lightpath into the spotlight. From groundbreaking expansions to strategic partnerships, each announcement, as a result, played a crucial role in shaping Lightpath’s narrative. In March, Lightpath announced its enhanced national long-haul network. In May, Lightpath announced an additional expansion into its hot, new market of Miami. Additionally, a few months later, Lightpath opened a local office in Miami’s Central Business District to support sales and customer service efforts in the area. Next was the news of two Cloud Connect offerings: AWS and Microsoft Azure. Moreover, the icing on the cake was a partnership announcement with one of New Jersey’s most iconic sports brands, The New Jersey Devils. With such an established and trusted record in the entire New York Metro region, Lightpath has become the natural choice for New Jersey-based businesses, educators, and governments. The New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center are proud to utilize Lightpath’s all-fiber Internet solution that will provide high-performance and high-availability connectivity for operations and events at the arena. 

Learnings from Lightpath 

Lightpath has been a consistent contributor in the realm of thought leadership, offering insights, expertise, and analysis across all fronts. Lightpath’s articles subsequently aim to inform, inspire, and spark meaningful conversations. Here are some of this year’s most informative articles that have resonated with the Lightpath community:

Spotlight on Lightpath Customers 

Behind every product and service are, in fact, the stories of Lightpath’s customers. Their successes, challenges, and innovations deserve recognition. Lightpath shares just two of the many success stories highlighting remarkable businesses that chose the company as their strategic network partner.

Learn More & Stay Connected

Wrapping up an outstanding year with motivating stories and strategic insights, Lightpath’s 2023 roundup stands as a testament to its commitment to their customers. As Lightpath looks ahead to 2024, the company remains steadfast in embracing innovations across the organization. They continue to ensure all of their customers experience The Lightpath Difference.

As a result, Lightpath’s expert team of network engineers, product managers, and account executives can help your company develop customized network management solutions as they revolutionize how organizations connect to their digital destinations. As your strategic network partner, Lightpath is committed to providing out-of-the-box thinking, team collaboration, and support to provide services that will better serve the needs of its customers.

To learn more, visit lightpathfiber.com or call 877-544-4872. Connect with Lightpath on LinkedIn and YouTube to become part of a thriving network that values collaboration and growth. 

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