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17 Exclusive Interviews with Top Digital Infrastructure Thought Leaders at Datacloud Global Congress 2023 [Watch On Demand]

The JSA TV Live team travelled to Datacloud Global Congress in beautiful Monaco for a live broadcast featuring exclusive interviews with top thought leaders from Verne Global – Finland, Bosch, Lefdal Mine Datacenters, Kohler, AtlasEdge, EdgeConneX, Console Connect, Wesco, Bloom Energy, SilverFalcon Datacenters, KIO Data Centers, atNorth, DC BYTE, Flexidao, Datalec Precision Installations and BDx.

Watch the recordings of these interviews below – or check them out on JSA’s LinkedIn page and YouTube Channel. You can also listen to all the interviews on your favorite podcast platform via JSA Podcasts.

Verne Global Finland

Kim Gunnelius, Managing Director at Verne Global Finland, discusses his new role, the latest green hydrogen boom and the company’s continued growth trajectory.



Marcus Spickermann, SVP of Stationary Hydrogen at Bosch, discusses how hydrogen is a promising solution for decarbonizing data centers and the numerous operational advantages it offers.


Lefdal Mine Datacenters

Lefdal Mine Datacenter’s Chief Marketing Officer Mats Andersson returns to JSA TV to discuss data center sustainability, future-proofed solutions and more. 



Lenaik Andrieux, General Manager of Power Systems EMEA, India and Australia, shares some of the initiatives KOHLER Power Systems EMEA is implementing to move towards emission reduction goals. 



Giuliano Di Vitantonio, CEO and Daniel Thomas, SVP of Sales at AtlasEdge talk about the company’s remarkable success in less than two years since its founding, as well as the role sustainability plays in edge computing.



Don MacNeil, Chief Revenue Officer at EdgeConneX joins his first #JSATV at Datacloud Global Congress 2023! Tune in to hear from him as he talks about EdgeConneX recent sustainability news, what it means for the industry at large, and more!


Console Connect

Tune in to hear Michael Glynn, Senior Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation for Console Connect, talk connectivity, Network-as-a-Service, and Console Connect’s newest product.



Wesco‘s Steve Dean, SVP & General Manager of Utilities and Alan Farrimond, VP Sales EMEA & APAC, discuss the global expansion of their data center solutions and how they are enhancing their services for their clients.


Bloom Energy

Watch Jeff Barber, Vice President of Global Data Centers at Bloom Energy, as he talks about what’s in store for Bloom in 2023.


SilverFalcon Datacenters

Hear from Wouter Everaert, CFA, CEO of SilverFalcon Datacenters, as he shares insights about the company’s newest data center facility, highlighting their utilization of cutting-edge cooling technologies and strategic location to establish a sustainable model that is future-proof.



KIO Data Centers

Alejandro Estua, KIO Data Centers’ Chief Revenue Officer, unveils thrilling developments regarding the company’s expansion, including the launch of their new data center campus in Colombia. Estua also reveals that KIO will be exploring fresh opportunities to augment and improve their services in the future.



Stefan Jofors-aTribe, Director of Sales for Global Accounts at atNorth, shares thrilling news about the company’s recent accomplishment of the ISO14001 certification for Environmental Management. He also gives us a glimpse into the company’s phenomenal growth and their plans for 2023.



CEO of DC Byte, Edward Galvin, chats with JSA’s Barb Mitchell about DC Byte and what’s in store for the company.



Giacomo Bravaccini, Marketing Manager at FlexiDAO shares valuable insights on how FlexiDAO is empowering businesses to achieve their energy goals, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of sustainable energy solutions. 


Datalec Precision Installations

Stephen Scott, CEO of DATALEC PRECISION INSTALLATIONS LIMITED shares exciting news about the company’s latest developments and initiatives in the industry as well as their commitment to #sustainability



Sujit Panda, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at BDx Data Centers, offers insight on the latest digital infrastructure trends and reveals the company’s future plans. 



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