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1623 Farnam Welcomes Subspace

One of the world’s largest, private networks dedicated to optimizing remote work, voice, video and gaming is making its debut at 1623 Farnam.

Subspace’s new Point of Presence will offer Farnam customers an innovative, global, private network enabling users to optimize real-time applications through intelligent routing systems.

“We are excited to welcome Subspace into the 1623 Farnam ecosystem. Allowing our customers access to this next-generation carrier as a peer both within our Meet-Me-Room and our IX adds to the wealth of opportunities to be found within the 1623 Farnam ecosystem.” Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam

 “There are key network ecosystem requirements that we can get at 1623 Farnam that are not available at most data centers. We look forward to providing 1623’s customers with high-quality experiences. Real-time developers worldwide focus on creating the biggest and best apps, and we all know what it’s like not to get the full experience of what was intended due to latency or network quality issues. We’ve cracked that Code.” – Ron Williams, COO at Subspace

With its new partnership with Subspace and key cloud platform providers such as Arelion Cloud Connect, Megaport, PacketFabric, and more, 1623 Farnam continues to catalyze hybrid cloud choices, offering customers robust options for migrating their workloads to the most optimal environments for unique business goals. 

 Read the full announcement HERE.


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