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1623 Farnam Lends Helping Remote Hands

Despite COVID-19, the data center industry has seen a lot of activity and growth this year. With newly distributed workforces, companies have been forced to change how they do business – realigning not only where their employees work, but also how they connect into key systems, ensuring they have enough bandwidth, and keeping IT operations up, running and always available. That’s where remote hands come in. The pandemic has forced even more emphasis for companies to have ample reliable connectivity, capacity and core infrastructure. Housing mission critical infrastructure for carriers, content / cloud providers, and enterprises, data centers have become increasingly even more essential.  

Remote Hands Make A Difference

As a longstanding, trusted service, remote hands have become even more important than ever for data center customers during the pandemic. With restricted travel, quarantines and social distancing rules, IT and Ops technicians can no longer easily travel to/from their data centers to conduct network maintenance, upgrades, installations and other routine tasks. As quarantine measures surged, so did the implementation of increased remote hands work. And as noted in a recent 1623 Farnam blog, ‘this should not be viewed as a new trend, but as an acceleration of a pre-existing one.’ 


Operating an interconnected edge data center in Omaha, Nebraska, 1623 Farnam has been going above and beyond – even more so than usual – to help customers with their Virtual/Remote Hands needs including:

  • Rack and Stack – Ship equipment to our data center and our team will complete the rack and stack for you
  • Installation – Routers, switches, servers, optics, patch cords, cabling
  • Visual inspection, reboots and resets of your equipment and reseating of optics
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics – Our on-site technical team can assist with power level and OTDR testing of your circuits
  • Round the clock Technical support availability
  • Reporting – For areas including connection inventory and power usage

The highly responsive 1623 Farnam team is on standby to get the job done quickly with a high level of quality assurance. Check out all of the benefits of Remote/Virtual Hands in this infographic – HERE.

Currently undergoing a $40M expansion, the state-of-the-art 1623 Farnam data center will encompass 75,000 square feet of available space with 154 cabinets per floor across 9 floors by the end of 2020.


To keep up with the latest news and developments, follow 1623 Farnam on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Remote Hands Infographic

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