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1623 Farnam Releases New eBook on Financial Benefits Of Peering

1623 Farnam has released a helpful new eBook outlining how peering in an Internet Exchange produces significant ROI by preventing costs incurred by poor connectivity.

The Omaha, Nebraska-based data center and home to the Omaha IX Internet Exchange brings clarity to a question many CFOs and CIOs face as the digital transformation continues to bring challenges and opportunities across industries: Is the investment worth it?

1623 Farnam makes the case by first looking at how IT spending is on the rise and how businesses must get the most bang for their buck for every tool, platform and solution they adopt. 

“Making the right (and most cost-efficient) IT decisions means understanding not only what your business’s unique priorities are, but also where the world of business transformation and customer priorities are headed as well,” 1623 Farnam writes. 

It goes on to explain how the network is the foundation of digital business and why it’s an important place to invest. Key points include how poor connectivity leads to added expenses, such as a customer calling into customer service, and how those expenses can quickly outweigh the cost of peering. 

Visit 1623 Farnam’s website to download your copy of the new peering eBook.

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