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1623 Farnam’s New Infographic Proves Omaha Data Center is the Place to Be

Every organization is looking for the best for their IT. As the foundation of any digital business, mission-critical IT requires a home in the most secure, well-connected, reliable and innovative hub. If that home isn’t found, then organizations feel the squeeze of missing out on what competitors might already be leveraging. Still, the question remains of how to find that locale that has it all. 

1623 Farnam, a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services, has made it easier than ever for customers to know all the advantages they’re getting by aligning with their facility in the burgeoning Omaha, Nebraska, market. The company has just released a new infographic, which shows the benefits of this facility’s connectivity (as the site of the Omaha IX peering hub, this data center offers a robust offering), cloud partnerships (you can’t beat 1ms of latency to Google Cloud) and more. 

The list of differentiators at this location is lengthy, but they’re all backed up by a strategic geographic presence that maximizes potential for tenants. Omaha, residing in America’s heartland and in the middle of the country, offers huge potential for expanding or diverse business footprints that need to reach the greatest number of locations from one convenient location. 

The upshot? The cornhusker state of Omaha has a ton to offer, and if organizations aren’t considering this region for their next big move, they might be missing out big time. What’s more — there’s no partner better prepared to introduce organizations to this thriving spot and support them with leading services. 

To view this infographic, click here

To learn more about how 1623 Farnam’s wide range of leading IT and data center solutions can set your business up for success, check out the company’s latest eBook here.

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