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1623 Farnam 5G Edge

1623 Farnam: Next-Gen Innovation and 5G Edge

As 5G continues to emerge as a transformative ecosystem, the vast possibilities it offers are becoming more noteworthy. In the years to come, 5G adoption will drive advancements in numerous sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, robotics, automotive, energy, sports broadcasting, and more. 5G provides plenty of benefits, including ultra-fast speeds, expanded data capacity, greater network reliability, and enhanced user experiences. 

However, these next-gen applications have high demands for performance and user experience and depend on low latencies and high data speeds- levels of speed which can only be found at the edge. In order to have high quality technological results, these low latencies and high data speeds must be a part of your digital IT infrastructure. 

1623 Farnam’s cloud, IX and carrier ecosystems offer high quality connectivity and a range of benefits including ultra low latency, scalability, proximity, and robust peering options. This facility is a highly trusted edge interconnection specialist to over 50 global and regional carriers, multiple global cloud on ramps, and home of the Omaha IX peering exchange. 

Download this 5G Infographic for a detailed look at why Next-Gen Innovation needs an Edge.

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