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Up, Up and Away: 1623 Farnam Expands Its Edge Data Center

Time to get out your steel toes and reflective vests—1623 Farnam is expanding and upgrading its data center. The edge interconnection data center is increasing its colocation capacity with the addition of three new floors of data center space in its Omaha facility. The $40 million construction project is underway with completion targeted at the end of 2020. All in all,  the company’s network interconnect point will boast 75,000 square feet of available space with 154 cabinets per floor across 9 floors. 

“There has been increasing demand in the data center space,” says Bill Severn, Executive Vice President of 1623 Farnam. “This build is being carried out largely with our customers and partners in mind.”

The organization is no stranger to hard hats. The new announcement comes at the heels of a previous $10 million expansion just last year. One of the aspects to which the 1623 Farnam team attributes their rapid success is their strategic location in the middle of the country’s North/South and East/West fiber routes. The Omaha location also means 1623 Farnam is neighbors with some significant hyperscale builds, such as Google’s largest North American node. 1623 Farnam’s available cloud on-ramps include Telia Carrier, Megaport (coming soon!), Google Cloud Connect, AWS and Microsoft Azure, so their clients are primed for increased network and cloud capacity. 

1623 Farnam’s build out is about quality as well, not just quantity. The facility’s electrical power infrastructure will see increased capabilities, with plans to install additional cabling, vaults, and new redundant electrical plans. Altogether, the upgrade to the interconnection capabilities will mean the ability to support of 8MW of power to the facility. Now, where did we put those safety goggles? 

To stay up to date with 1623 Farnam news, follow them on Twitter and Linkedin. To learn more, go to www.1623Farnam.com.

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