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1623 Farnam Brings Megaport to their Facility

The Partnership Brings Redundancy and Diversity to the Omaha-based Facility

As the increasing complexity of today’s IT architecture is fueling a growing demand for cloud resources, data centers like 1623 Farnam are securing important deployments for their customers. That’s why 1623 Farnam has chosen to partner with Megaport; to provide customers access to the Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN) from its Interconnected Edge Data Center. The combination of this powerful network of cloud providers and 1623’s advantageous location in Omaha, Nebraska at the nexus of the nation’s east/west and north/south fiber routes, makes them a valuable resource for those seeking low latency connections across the United States. 

Megaport brings a valuable level of reliability to the facility by providing customers with redundant and diverse cloud connections. This allows users to avoid a single path of failure; if one connection should become unavailable, the other can still function. This does a great deal to serve customers with mission-critical workloads by supporting their need for increased availability, usability, and performance. Customers are able to decide the level of protection they need and Megaport architects can make recommendations based on their needs.

“The availability of Megaport in the 1623 Farnam data center offers our clients secure, private access to the world’s largest cloud providers, and wider interconnection and peering options,” comments Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam. “Hybrid IT infrastructures require low latency, predictable connections, and our customers now have highly resilient options to rapidly connect to multiple cloud providers to support their applications and workloads. Customers can also quickly spin up capacity to address spikes in users and traffic as needed.”

“With a robust and flexible marketplace consisting of over 3600 service providers on the Megaport platform, 1623 Farnam customers can simplify how they connect to the services that power their business,” comments Peter Hase, Chief Commercial Officer for Megaport. “Enterprises and tech companies undergoing digital transformation and expansion are increasingly leveraging the agility and flexibility of hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, cloud-to-cloud architectures. Our goal is to help partners and customers reduce the complexity of adopting cloud services and enhance performance with reliable global private connectivity.”

Benefits of this partnership include:

  • Choice: Direct private access to an industry-leading 171 cloud on-ramps and hundreds of on-net locations.
  • Security and Predictability: Reliable, direct, private connections that bypass the public internet. A low latency and high availability 100% SLA from Megaport ensures customers can depend on the cloud access they need.
  • Marketplace: A global ecosystem of more than 360 service providers, including Alibaba, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Nutanix, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, and SAP.
  • Ease-of-Use: Delivered from a self-service easy to use portal, Megaport services can be enabled and adjusted as you require – just like the cloud resources.
  • Optionality: Enable hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud architectures via point-and-click provisioning with the intelligent Megaport Cloud Router.
  • Performance: Localize applications and terminate traffic closer to the edge where performance matters.
  • Scalability: Elastic connectivity supports business needs and aligns to cloud consumption models.
  • Privacy – Megaport operates a private high performance platform, which is trusted by more than 1,800 customers.

To learn more about 1623 Farnam, go to www.1623Farnam.com and follow them on Linkedin and Twitter.

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