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1623 Farnam Data Movers

1623 Farnam and Data Movers Discuss the Cloud, Sustainability and Beyond

Data center operators have a lot to consider these days as IT requirements change and rapidly advance, and IT partners like Omaha-based 1623 Farnam have long been leading the charge toward more empowered IT results (and more satisfying customer experiences). In an effort to explore a host of mission-critical data center facets like sustainability, peering, cloud ecosystems and more, Data Movers recently caught up with Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam. The conversation yielded a wealth of insight from a true edge, connectivity and cloud leader — so don’t forget to listen to this podcast in its entirety after you check out the highlights below:

1623 Farnam has always prided itself on delivering a complete, truly robust array of IT solutions across cloud, connectivity and colocation. In fact, the team at 1623 Farnam has put a lot of time and effort into building strategic connections and relationships with key cloud enablers and NaaS platforms — all to the benefit of customers’ cloud and connectivity goals. 

Of course, this robust cloud ecosystem underscores the high-value peering community that 1623 Farnam has built at this central nexus point in the U.S. Peering is a big topic for Todd and his team (who offer an on-site IX: OmahaIX), and it’s become a huge IT enabler due to its game-changing ability to deliver enhanced control, lower latency, cost optimization opportunities and more compared to other transit methods. In a world where the most innovative technologies are being empowered by quick connectivity, Todd tells us that peering is at the core of that evolution. 

As far as colocation goes, Todd notes to the Data Movers hosts that Omaha, Nebraska — while it may be a surprising hub for some — offers an array of benefits for IT. Being at the center of the U.S. offers agility and low latencies to a large number of locations, and the locale also has efficiency and cooling benefits that work to the advantage of sustainably minded organizations. 

Among other key topics of discussion in this Data Movers episode are: 

  • What should we think about a possible recession, and how does IT spending on things like peering fit in? 
  • What are the most pressing cloud-centric demands, and how does that affect the way data center providers are shaping their cloud offering?
  • What green technologies or strategies does 1623 Farnam employ to meet sustainability demands?
  • How are conversations with customers about requirements changing, and what does that mean for the future of data center operations?

This episode of Data Movers delivers a wide-ranging conversation packed with insight into the most crucial questions and discussions of our digital day, so be sure to give it a listen here.

To learn more about 1623 Farnam, visit www.1623farnam.com.

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