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Scala Data Centers Leads Latin America's Sustainable Shift with Green Diesel

Scala Data Centers Leads Latin America’s Sustainable Shift with Green Diesel

In the heart of Latin America, Scala Data Centers is making waves with its latest breakthrough. Known for its future-proof, sustainable data centers, Scala has just completed a groundbreaking Proof of Concept (POC) that demonstrates the technical feasibility of using hydro-treated vegetable oil (HVO), or green diesel, in backup generators. This achievement is a first for Latin America and a significant step toward a greener future.

Paving the Way 

Green diesel, crafted from renewable sources like vegetable oils, undergoes a transformational hydro-treatment process to emerge as a premium fuel with a significantly reduced environmental footprint. By making the switch from fossil diesel to HVO, Scala can potentially slash greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 85%, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Scala’s Center of Excellence in Engineering (CoE), in collaboration with its Operations Team and Sotreq, Caterpillar’s Brazilian dealer, spearheaded the successful test of HVO in backup generators. The results showcase HVO’s stellar performance in maintaining the critical reliability of data centers without the need for equipment modifications.

“The transition to HVO aligns seamlessly with our mission of ensuring uninterrupted, sustainable operations while meeting the high standards of quality and reliability expected by our customers,” said Agostinho Villela, Chief Technology Officer at Scala. 

Inspiring Change

Acknowledging the economic hurdles posed by the higher cost of HVO compared to diesel in Latin America, Scala remains hopeful and vigilant. By monitoring market trends and seeking opportunities to enhance the affordability of green diesel on a larger scale, Scala aims to inspire wider market engagement and raise awareness about the potential demand for HVO within the supply chain.

Christiana Weisshuhn, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, stated: “Green diesel is a key part of our vision for a sustainable future. We look forward to transitioning to HVO as it becomes economically viable, continuing to set an example in sustainable data center management.”

Eugênio Cruz, Data Center Operations VP, emphasized: “This proof of concept strengthens our commitment to providing excellent services to our customers. Green diesel reduces emissions and offers additional benefits, like eliminating the need for tank cleaning and rigorous quality controls required by current biodiesel, ensuring our sites’ high availability.”

Looking Ahead

When HVO becomes viable for commercial use, Scala plans to start replacing the fuel in its tanks. This move cements Scala’s leadership in the industry, driving the shift to cleaner energy solutions and setting new sustainability standards in the data center sector.

Scala’s achievement marks a new sustainability milestone in the data center industry and signals a shift in global industrial practices. By demonstrating that new technologies and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand, Scala invites partners, customers and the international community to join the journey.

To learn more about Scala, visit www.scaladatacenters.com.

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