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LP DDoS Shield

Unveiling Lightpath’s LP DDoS Shield Product

Lightpath recently announced the exciting launch of LP DDoS Shield, Lightpath’s next-generation network safeguard against a growing list of DDoS attack types. Most recently, Bill Cheslock, Lightpath’s Director of Emerging Products, facilitated a Lunch & Learn Webinar to highlight the LP DDoS Shield product and why Lightpath’s product stands out from the competition. 

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DDoS attacks are increasing not only in size and scale but in sophistication. According to 

Radware, DDoS attacks are more frequent and costly in 2023 than ever. 60% of organizations experience DDoS attacks every month and 31% of organizations experience DDoS attacks on a daily or weekly basis. The average cost of a DDoS attack is $367,800 per hour. 

With that in mind, attackers are now successfully launching burst, SSL floods and application-layer attacks. Unfortunately, many organizations have a shortage of security experts in-house which leaves organizations more vulnerable. 

According to Radware’s 2023 Cyber Threat Analysis Report, government is the vertical most susceptible to a DDoS attack. The top five verticals in order of highest number of attacks are government, business and economy, travel, financial services, and health and medicine. Tune into the webinar at 5:20 to see the full list of verticals.

With this in mind, how can you implement a solution for your organization that allows good traffic through but protects against the array of DDoS attacks that are coming both volumetric and application-specific?

Lightpath has renewed its DDoS product to what they now call DDoS Shield. Historically, Lightpath focused on volumetric attacks such as bulk attacks against an IP or port. With customer needs top of mind, Lightpath knew they needed to revamp and expand their product offerings to protect against the more prevalent, sophisticated attacks. 

LP DDoS Shield offers seamless integration by being fully embedded within Lightpath’s core network. This ensures that malicious traffic is intercepted before reaching the customer’s network edge. Unlike relying solely on a firewall for DDoS protection, where the firewall can become overwhelmed once bad packets breach the interface, LP DDoS Shield proactively prevents attacks from reaching the firewall, maximizing its effectiveness as a premiere defense solution.

In the past, Lightpath customers lacked visibility into the inner workings of their network. However, with the introduction of the Lightpath Customer Portal, customers now have real-time access to their network’s traffic through an advanced security dashboard. This dashboard enables customers to monitor the security status and provides detailed insights into intercepted attacks. Additionally, the portal offers advanced reporting functionalities that can be customized and downloaded according to specific needs.

Additionally, Lightpath customers enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact for billing, deployment, and support, ensuring seamless integration and unparalleled peace of mind with Lightpath for both internet access and DDoS protection.

Finally, for those considering the adoption of a DDoS solution, it’s important to note that with Lightpath, latency is a non-issue. Unlike a third-party DDoS protector, where your data must travel from its source through the internet to the third party and then back into Lightpath to reach the customer, Lightpath’s DDoS protection system is seamlessly integrated within Lightpath’s core network. This means customer data does not need to be rerouted through an internet scrubbing network during both peacetime and attacks, eliminating unnecessary routing that can introduce latency.

Tune in for the Q&A Segment to learn:

  • How does Lightpath’s DDoS Shield compare to other DDoS products?
  • How is Machine Learning integrated into LP DDoS Shield?
  • What stress testing has been performed to test the threshold?
  • How is the cost added into your existing contract with Lightpath?
  • What is the process of adding LP DDoS Shield? Is it done internally or externally?

Watch the Lightpath LP DDoS Shield Webinar here or learn more about this product by downloading the spec sheet. For additional product questions or quotes, visit https://lightpathfiber.com/get-quote.

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