Lightpath Propels AI-Driven Data Across Sectors

Data in the Driver’s Seat: How Lightpath Propels AI-Driven Data 

Lightpath Successfully Navigates Data Connectivity Opportunities with AI Implementation and Transformation Across Verticals

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, AI stands as a cornerstone technology revolutionizing the way decisions are made, tasks are automated, problems are solved, and productivity is enhanced. Through sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities, AI systems have become adept at tackling complex challenges by uncovering patterns, identifying anomalies and generating insights. According to Grand View Research, 35% of companies report using AI in business already and among them, 79% have deployed three or more types of AI. There’s a myriad of different applications in which AI can be used, however, each of them relies on reliable, efficient, scalable and secure connectivity to acquire and analyze vast amounts of data.

How can we ensure that AI results remain accurate, relevant, and effective? That’s where real-time, DAQ, dynamic data acquisition, comes into play. It enables the rapid capture and analysis of data streams. However, for this to work optimally, connectivity must support constant uptime and bandwidth demands. Transmission must also be secure to prevent sensitive information from being compromised. All of these factors underscore the necessity for a robust connectivity infrastructure. A reliable connectivity backbone is essential to support the scalability and flexibility needed to accommodate growing data volumes.

When implementing AI-powered solutions, choosing dedicated fiber is a great option as it provides resilient, secure connectivity. Many organizations also choose private networks or dark fiber for the most reliability, security, and control with virtually limitless bandwidth.

Learn what benefits these solutions provide here.

The demand for robust fiber connectivity and advanced AI solutions requires tailored connectivity that caters to the unique needs of various verticals. Lightpath connectivity successfully powers data transmission used for AI across many industries. Keep reading to see real examples of how Lightpath connectivity is powering AI Data with reliable and secure connectivity.

Government: Protecting People and the Environment

Lightpath connectivity services a large government agency for 100% secure uptime for their AI technologies. Read the article to learn how this allows them to provide increased security and gather critical data to enhance supervisory control.

Real Estate: Powering Building Management Systems

A Building Management customer relies on Lightpath connectivity to collect sensor data, which AI uses to monitor, track, and analyze power consumption changes. Learn more about how this enables them to proactively respond to changes.

Healthcare: Improving Timely Imaging Reviews

Did you know radiology images are transmitted directly to the Cloud and retrieved by AI to conduct pre-assessments for doctors to evaluate for faster results? Keep reading to learn how transmission security is imperative.

Education: Securing Networks from DDoS Attacks

AI-driven data analysis in schools serves a variety of functions for both educators and students. Lightpath customers in the education sector use AI to protect against DDoS attacks that immobilize networks, websites, and can even potentially shut down Internet access.

Finance: Answering Consumers’ Financial Questions 24/7 

In the realm of finance, AI has historically been used for algorithmic trading analysis, decision-making, customer recommendations, fraud protection, and more. For these customers, Lightpath understands that time is money.

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Lightpath continually proves to be the strategic network partner you need when navigating the data connectivity complexities and opportunities that come with current and future AI implementation and transformation. To learn how Lightpath’s fast, reliable, and secure solutions can help your organization, visit lightpathfiber.com or connect with Lightpath across LinkedIn and YouTube.

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