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Lightpath Connectivity in the Fast Lane

Lightpath Connectivity in the Fast Lane

Amid the innovation-driven climate of 2024, KOLLECTIVE, a new breed of automotive brand, continues to redefine automotive luxury, proudly showcasing some of the world’s most prestigious brands like Audi, Land Rover, Lexus, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. Not long ago, Lightpath laid the groundwork for Kollective’s connectivity revolution positioning them for unprecedented success. Fast forward as we look toward the needs of 2025 and beyond, the importance of robust connectivity has only increased. 

With the goal in mind to optimize the customer experience, it was an absolute necessity for Lightpath to ensure the right connectivity was set up to facilitate a seamless and luxurious shopping experience. IT Director of Kollective, Robert Ramellini, has witnessed firsthand how having the right connectivity is paramount to business growth as it affects all aspects of the sales process from conducting business online, moving data to the Cloud, and interacting with customers, vendors, and manufacturers. 

Lightpath understands that having the ‘right’ connectivity is just the beginning. For Kollective, along with many of its other customers, it’s essential to have fast, reliable connectivity that operates flawlessly 24/7/365. In Kollective’s case, reliable connectivity is essential as it directly influences rankings in the J.D. Power U.S. Customer Service Index, which measures customer satisfaction with maintenance and repair service at new-vehicle dealerships. Ensuring dependable connectivity is essential for maintaining high customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.

“Any loss of connectivity means we can’t sell a car, service a car, sell a part, or serve our customers. Today, cars need to be connected to the manufacturer to do any diagnostics on the car. Without a reliable Internet connection, technicians cannot do their jobs efficiently and safely.” — Robert Ramellini, IT Director, Kollective.

Before Lightpath came into the picture, Kollective’s dealership in Southhampton, NY received connectivity via an older wired DSL connection that was often impacted by frequent and unplanned network outages. Kollective knew there had to be a better solution and reached out to Lightpath hopeful as so many other service providers were unable to service their Long Island location. Lightpath came in to save the day as their direct Internet connection, building a 500 Mbps all-fiber Internet circuit and providing quick, reliable, and effective support. 

Having a small IT department that services a plethora of users, Kollective continues to rely on Lightpath for quick and effective support. Whereas other providers keep customers on hold for long periods of time, Kollective knew they could call Lightpath and speak with an engineer in an instant.

In today’s fast-paced digital era, preparing for the future is more critical than ever. Investing in robust connectivity solutions, like those provided by Lightpath, ensures that companies are well-equipped to enhance the customer experience, achieve seamless operations, handle future challenges and capitalize on new opportunities with ease. 

By future-proofing Kollective’s infrastructure, Lightpath anticipated their evolving needs ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation. This foresight underscores Lightpath’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring their customers remain industry leaders, and highlighting their instrumental role as a Strategic Network Partner. Ramellini confirms, “I would consider Lightpath to be the high-end dealer of Internet services and our growth partner. I think our partnership is a perfect fit.”

Read more about the Kollective spotlight here. To learn how Lightpath connectivity can help your business gain a competitive edge, call 1-877-544-4872 or visit www.lightpathfiber.com. 

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