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Kohler Wins Big at DataCloud Global Awards

Kohler Energy took home two prestigious awards for their work in data center backup power technology. At the annual DataCloud Global Awards in France, Kohler and its team was recognized for Data Center Vendor of the Year as well as Young Talent of the Year for power system engineer and business manager Ben Rapp.

DataCloud Global Awards

The DataCloud Global Awards represent accolades in the areas of data center and cloud computing, celebrating excellence, innovation, and outstanding achievements. Held annually, these awards recognize key players and projects that have significantly contributed to advancements in digital infrastructure and cloud services. Nominees are evaluated by a panel of independent judges, consisting of industry leaders and experts that assess entries based on factors such as innovation, impact, and excellence in execution. Winners are chosen through a rigorous judging process and are announced during an awards ceremony at the DataCloud Global Congress. The 2024 ceremony was held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France, featuring a red-carpet banquet where winners were announced and celebrated amidst industry peers.

Ben Rapp – Young Talent of the Year Award 2024

Ben Rapp of Kohler Energy earned the Young Talent of the Year Award 2024 for his pioneering contributions to sustainable energy solutions within the data center industry. Over the past year, Rapp played a key role in a pair of significant projects, showcasing his dedication to environmental innovation and leadership. To begin, he was instrumental in the 2023 Undaunted Expedition, where he designed a custom biofuel-powered generator that supported the Antarctic journey of explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan. This project not only facilitated global educational outreach on sustainability but also demonstrated the feasibility of renewable energy in extreme conditions.

Rapp also spearheaded the commercialization of Kohler’s hydrogen fuel cell technology, collaborating with Toyota to bring a zero-emission power solution to market. This initiative positions hydrogen fuel cells as a revolutionary alternative to traditional data center backup power, drastically reducing emissions. Overall, his innovative approach, strategic vision, and commitment to sustainability have set new standards in the data center industry, making him a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

Kohler Energy – Data Centre Vendor of the Year 2024

Kohler Energy was recognized as the Data Centre Vendor of the Year 2024 for its significant contributions to sustainability and innovation in the data center industry. Kohler’s efforts to provide cleaner, more sustainable backup power solutions have set a new standard in the sector. Kohler’s commitment to green energy is exemplified through several pioneering projects:

  • Conscious Care™ Program: This maintenance program significantly reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel consumption. By implementing no-load and extended exercise protocols, it enables data centers to decrease their carbon footprint by up to 69%.
  • Hydrogen Solutions: Kohler introduced a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell power system. This system provides a green alternative to traditional backup power, reducing emissions by 99%.
  • Industry Collaboration: Kohler co-hosts events like the Power Down: Getting Green Data Center Retreat with Schneider Electric to bring together global leaders to create actionable sustainability strategies. Additionally, Kohler’s leadership in the iMasons Climate Accord has further cemented its reputation as a sustainability leader in the digital infrastructure space.
  • HVO Fuel Integration: By investing in hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuels, Kohler has reduced net carbon emissions by up to 90% at its France production facility and has enabled all of its data center generators to run on HVO as a replacement for traditional diesel fuel

By combining innovative green technologies with a commitment to industry collaboration and thought leadership, Kohler Energy has not only met but exceeded the criteria for the Data Centre Vendor of the Year award, making a lasting impact on the industry and the environment.

To learn more about Kohler’s nominations for the DataCloud Global Awards, watch their JSA TV interview from Cannes here.

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