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New Meet-Me-Room Propels Digital Evolution

Harbour Centre-Spencer Building Unveil a New Meet-Me-Room, MMR5

MMR5 is the first step towards a cutting-edge, digital-first complex that integrates both Harbour Centre and Spencer Building

Harbour Centre, a longstanding key player in western Canada’s digital landscape, has officially unveiled Meet-Me-Room 5 (MMR5), marking the initial stride toward a cutting-edge, digital-first complex that integrates Harbour Centre and Spencer Building.

In response to the growing demand for new, robust connectivity capacity in Vancouver, MMR5 aims to address the interconnection needs of local and international carriers, cloud providers, network operators and other service providers. The facility connects Harbour Centre’s established role as Vancouver’s primary interconnection point with the massive potential for future growth in digital infrastructure at the historic Spencer Building.

MMR5 seamlessly links to Harbour Centre’s existing MMRs and directly connects to Spencer Building Carrier Hotel, expanding interconnection capacity. This move revitalizes Vancouver’s position as an attractive destination for digital endeavors. MMR5 offers additional colocation space with secure access to up to 28 cabinets and a cabinet power density of 10kW+. Harbour Centre is also facilitating the establishment of a presence in MMR5 with an affordable pricing structure until December 31, 2024. New cross connects in MMR5 are discounted to $75 per month, and existing tenants can benefit from personalized transition plans involving minimal costs to install their equipment in MMR5’s active and passive rooms.

Scott Despot, Director of Business Development and Sales at Spencer Building Carrier Hotel, sees the unveiling of MMR5 as a pivotal moment, emphasizing the team’s commitment to transforming Vancouver’s digital landscape. He notes, “We’re not just introducing a new state-of-the-art connectivity hub. In many ways, we’re laying the foundation for a dynamic, digital-first future for the entire region.” Despot underscores the importance of a high-touch, consultative approach backed by white-glove customer service to ensure customer success and growth.

MMR5 represents Vancouver’s next wave of innovation, positioning Harbour Centre and Spencer Building at the forefront of the region’s digital evolution. The facility offers unparalleled opportunities for growth in the telecommunications and service provider sectors, becoming a gateway to a connected, thriving future in the region and beyond.

For more information about Spencer Building, Harbour Centre and MMR5, download the full MMR5 brochure here.

See the full press release announcing the unveiling of MMR5 here.

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