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How Europe’s Digital Infrastructure Fuels the Energy Transition

Europe, in its pursuit of a clean energy transition, is at the forefront of integrating technological advancements with environmental stewardship. Central to this ambition is the evolution of digital infrastructure—encompassing data centres, cell towers, subsea cables, and fiber networks—whose operational efficiency and scalability are pivotal in the shift towards renewable energy sources including nuclear energy, […]

Harnessing the Nordic Powerhouse: Catalysing Data Centre Growth in a Sustainable Future

Nestled in the heart of the Nordic region – comprising Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, where majestic landscapes blend seamlessly with technological innovation, lies a haven unlike any other. Imagine crisp, invigorating air that whispers tales of ancient forests, pristine water bodies that mirror the azure skies, and captivating artistic landscapes that inspire awe. […]

Datacloud Global Congress – A Recap of the Conference Premier in Cannes

Datacloud Global Congress 2024 made an incredible change this year – taking the acclaimed conference to glamorous Cannes, France. And it did not disappoint! Our onsite JSA Team was blown away with the energy of the French Riviera, where the conference brought together digital infrastructure leaders from around the world for an extraordinary week of […]

Greener Data – A Featured Panel at Datacloud Global Congress 2024

The momentum of the Greener Data Movement continues, as Greener Data – Volume Two authors and sustainability leaders gather together for a special “Getting to Greener Data” panel at Datacloud Global Congress 2024 as part of Broadgroup’s Talent in Tech initiative. From aligning measurements to creating clean energy solutions and developing new power and cooling […]

The Greener Data Exchange – A Featured ITW Event

JSA is very excited to share that we will be hosting the third annual “Greener Data Exchange,” a featured International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2024 event, taking place on Thursday, May 16. The Launch. The Symposium. The Celebration. Join us for the highly anticipated Greener Data Exchange featuring a thought-provoking symposium with Greener Data authors, an […]

EU’s Pursuit of Sustainability: Impact of the Energy Efficiency Directive on Data Centres

The European Commission has brought forward a new initiative to enhance sustainability in EU data centres, introducing an EU-wide scheme aimed at rating their sustainability. This move seeks not only to boost energy efficiency but also to address critical areas such as reducing energy and water consumption, while pushing for the adoption of renewable energy […]

Elea Digital Launches Pioneering Approach to Sustainable Data Center Expansion in Brazil

Elea Digital Sustainable Expansion

Elea Digital, Brazil’s largest platform with the highest number of operational data centers, announced an innovative step in sustainable corporate financing. The company, spanning seven assets across five Brazilian states, successfully led a R$570 million (USD $138.65 million) debenture issuance underpinned by sustainability goals. This effort was spearheaded by Bradesco BBI and supported by prominent […]

Scala Data Centers Launches HyperEdge Data Center in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Catering to Hyperscalers

Scala Data Centers, the leading Latin American platform for sustainable data centers in the Hyperscale market, has officially launched its latest facility, SPOAPA01, situated in Porto Alegre, Brazil. With a robust investment of R$240 million (US$48 million), this hyperscale-focused data center boasts a 4.8MW IT load capacity, addressing the escalating demand for connection and distributed […]

Harnessing the Power of Norway’s Sustainable Data Centre Boom [Feature Article]

In an era of exponential data growth, data centres have become the backbone of the digital economy. Fuelled by the rise of cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and IoT, these centres are required to process, store, and distribute data on a massive scale. As the digital revolution proceeds, Norway has emerged as a hotbed for […]