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Unveiling Lightpath’s LP DDoS Shield Product

LP DDoS Shield

A Lunch & Learn Overview Answering Your Top Questions Lightpath recently announced the exciting launch of LP DDoS Shield, Lightpath’s next-generation network safeguard against a growing list of DDoS attack types. Most recently, Bill Cheslock, Lightpath’s Director of Emerging Products, facilitated a Lunch & Learn Webinar to highlight the LP DDoS Shield product and why […]

Zenlayer Helps Enterprises Unlock Asia-Pacific Expansion 

Zenlayer Helps Enterprises Unlock Asia-Pacific Expansion

Today, our world operates within a truly global economy, and expanding operations across continents is daunting for any enterprise. However, venturing into Asia-Pacific’s dynamic and diverse markets presents challenges, from regulatory hurdles to logistical complexities. With the right partner, navigating these obstacles is manageable. Zenlayer, the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, hopes to bridge this gap […]

EU’s Pursuit of Sustainability: Impact of the Energy Efficiency Directive on Data Centres

The European Commission has brought forward a new initiative to enhance sustainability in EU data centres, introducing an EU-wide scheme aimed at rating their sustainability. This move seeks not only to boost energy efficiency but also to address critical areas such as reducing energy and water consumption, while pushing for the adoption of renewable energy […]

Collaborative Culture: Lightpath’s Blueprint for Achieving Success

Collaboration Culture

Collaborative Culture: Lightpath’s Blueprint for Achieving Success Today’s most successful organizations increasingly recognize the importance of fueling collaboration strategies to accelerate innovation and achieve success. Research by Frost & Sullivan reveals that companies prioritizing organizational collaboration witness a remarkable 41% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings and a substantial 27% increase in sales. Many prominent organizations […]

Every Call Counts: The Importance of Uninterrupted Voice Connectivity

Customer Spotlight

Lightpath Strengthens Family Service League’s Operations Who is Family Service League? Lightpath’s latest Customer Spotlight focuses on a non-profit human service organization, Family Service League, that delivers tangible help and crisis intervention to over 50,000 people annually. Offering 60+ programs at over 20 locations throughout Long Island, FSL provides mental health counseling, addiction prevention and […]

CIO Views Recognizes CleanArc’s Lindsey Bruner

Lindsey Bruner Recognized as Leader in Top 10

CleanArc Data Center’s Lindsey Bruner is in the news! Lindsey is featured on the cover of CIO Views latest issue as one of the Top 10 Empowering Women Leaders to Follow in 2024.  As CleanArc’s visionary COO, it‘s no surprise that the magazine has recognized Lindsey as an exceptional and positive leader that serves as […]

IWD’24: ‘Dive in, listen and learn. Opportunities will come and there is room to pursue your dreams.’ [An Interview with Natalya Makarochkina]

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, JSA Media Consultant João Marques Lima shares insights from Natalya Makarochkina, Senior Vice President of the Secure Power Division at Schneider Electric. As a leading figure in the technology and data center industry, Natalya’s extensive experience and strategic vision have paved the way for innovation and progress in […]

Europe’s Emerging Tier 2 Data Centre Markets in 2024

As the digital realm continues to expand, data centres are becoming critical infrastructure for businesses worldwide. In response to this, Europe’s Tier 2 data centre markets are witnessing a surge in development and investment, particularly in cities like Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Warsaw, and Zurich. JSA Media Consultant João Marques Lima offers a closer look. Data centres […]