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165 Halsey Street Enhances The User Experience

165 Halsey Street, a dedicated 1.2 million square foot data center/colocation/telecom carrier hotel offering affordable space, power and interconnection services, has launched a brand new website and current property offerings. Presently, 165 Halsey has over 110,000 SF of additional space and 23.5 MW of power available. The new, easy-to-navigate website allows current and prospective tenants to easily learn more about the facility and secure additional colocation space. Additionally, the user experience is enhanced and streamlined with the website’s fresh, modern look. 

“We engaged in a website redesign in order to improve brand visibility for 165 Halsey Street, introduce our current offerings of space and power, and most importantly, to enhance customer experience by making our information more accessible and easier to find. We are very pleased with the improvements made to the website,” says Joseph Simone, President of Tishman Real Estate Group for 165 Halsey Street. “We are quite pleased with the new look and layout, which better highlights our facility and what it can offer to our customers, and we’re hoping this helps attract potential new customers to 165 Halsey Street.”

 Check out the new website at https://165halsey.com

Be sure to also follow the company on Twitter @165Halsey and LinkedIn.

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