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Zenlayer Cloud Networking Launches Port-Based Purchasing Model

Zenlayer Cloud Networking Launches Port-Based Purchasing Model

In a world of rapid digital transformation, businesses are under increasing pressure to keep pace with evolving network demands. Understanding the critical role of efficient network management in ensuring smooth daily operations, Zenlayer Cloud Networking is proud to announce its latest offering: a new port-based purchasing model. 

With Zenlayer’s new port-based model, businesses can access a comprehensive solution for all their networking needs conveniently consolidated within a single port. Organizations can simplify their operations, expedite expansions, and gain unparalleled control over their network resources, made possible through Zenlayer’s extensive global backbone and highly interconnected network fabric, which is particularly strong in emerging markets.

Ports and their place within Zenayer’s ecosystem

A port is a numbered, physical, or virtual endpoint between computers or network devices that is used to differentiate between types of network traffic. It enables communication by directing data to a specific application or service. Zenlayer Cloud Networking product ecosystem provides customers with direct access to the company’s global network fabric, unlocking access to their entire catalog of cloud and networking services, including IP transit; data center and public cloud interconnections; edge compute through bare metals and VMs; our layer 2 and layer 3 networking services; and much more. 

Who needs a port and why? 

Organizations with complex infrastructure needs necessitating frequent scaling or configuration will benefit highly from utilizing ports. Specific to Zenlayer’s ports, companies seeking resources in emerging markets worldwide, especially throughout Asia, would greatly benefit from accessing the company’s host of networking and compute services through a single port for improved resource utilization and streamlined operations. Additionally, Zenlayer’s port-based product model is also able to support:

  • Managed service providers (MSPs) – Extend existing networks to remote locations or public clouds to offer services to users who operate in these environments
  • Cloud service providers (CSPs) – Enable end users to seamlessly connect to other clouds for hybrid, inter-, or multi-cloud interconnections.
  • Enterprises – Reach a global audience for market expansion, brand-building, talent acquisition, partnerships, and more.

Zenlayer’s full-service integrated ports go beyond being ordinary ports – they are powerful tools that can help accelerate your business growth. Easy to use, efficient, and flexible, their ports offer a solution  to a diverse range of network expansion and management needs, including:

  • Greater efficiency and scalability
  • Simplified network expansion & management 
  • Enhanced reach 
  • Faster provisioning and improved retention
  • Flexible billing options

To learn more about Zenlayer, visit their site and connect via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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