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Ninja Antennas – Small, Transparent, and Game-Changing

The telecommunications ecosystem has become increasingly sensitive to unsightly communications equipment in highly designed venues. At the same time, users want more capacity, putting building managers, system integrators, and mobile operators in a difficult position.

Wouldn’t it be a game-changer to have a small, transparent indoor antenna that blends in just about anywhere?

The Ninja Visual Light Transmittance Antenna Series

DENGYO’s new Ninja Visual Light Transmittance Antenna (VLTA) series has brought the “what-ifs” to life. Mobile operators, venue managers, and system integrators can now provide high-performance mobile service as part of the user experience without disturbing the building’s aesthetics.

Building owners and architects design a building for a particular aesthetic. At the same time, mobile users are increasingly using online applications to enhance their experience. These two interests are often at odds with indoor communications equipment. The Ninja changes everything.

Responding to a Changing Ecosystem

“Over the 70 years we’ve been improving the human experience by harnessing radio waves, we’ve seen tremendous change in the telecommunications ecosystem,” said Dohoon Lee, CEO of DENGYO USA.   “The Ninja VLTA is the next evolution in indoor wireless antennas, fundamentally altering the industry. “

Ninjas Are Multi-Spectrum

Clean, minimalistic wireless solutions aren’t new for DENGYO. The company has been providing solutions like this for decades. The Ninja brings unobtrusive antennas to an entirely new level. Now, it’s possible to deploy wireless antennas anywhere in a venue and cover the entire space using a broad range of frequencies:


      • VT-M0672 – 2T2R – 617-7200 MHz

      • VT-M1772-002 – 4T4R – 1710-7200 MHz

      • GN00069 – 728-894/1472-1511 MHz

      • GN00179 – 1710-5000 MHz

      • GN00072 – 698-5850 MHz

    Want to Know More?

    Learn more about the new Ninja antenna series and DENGYO. Additionally, DENGYO will be at Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC24) in Hall 6, Stand 6C74. Book an appointment to see the Ninja antenna series, or drop by the DENGYO booth anytime during the show.

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