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Maven Wave Propels Collaboration and Productivity with Google Workspace 

Maven Wave, an Atos Company and Premier Google Cloud Partner, recently unveiled Google Workspace to its audience of cloud-forward enterprises across North America. Launching at a time when interactions are becoming increasingly digitized, with many continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future, Google Workspace delivers everything you need to get anything done, all in one place.

While many thought Google couldn’t get any more collaborative, flexible, secure, and efficient, they innovated once again with a reimagined version of G Suite that fuels productivity and enables enterprises to scale as they enter an all-digital future. Thoughtfully bringing together messaging, meetings, and tasks, Google Workspace includes all of the productivity apps over 2.6 billion users know and love, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more. 

Digital Workforce, Digital Connections, Digital Future 

With beer fridges, office ping pong, and water cooler talks on hold, going to work no longer means physically going to a place. Google Workspace helps teams thrive and build much-needed human connections in this new reality. Maven Wave and Atos know first hand how critical connections are across teams. As a 3x consecutive winner of Google Cloud’s North America Services Partner of the Year, Maven Wave joined Google in bringing their vision to life to empower businesses to collaborate more efficiently and foster relationships, no matter where people are. 

Collaboration Leads the Way 

Leading the way for flexible, fluid, and fast collaboration, Google Workspace is changing the game. According to a recent study, an astonishing 92% of users said real-time collaboration has become the standard for document creation for their team. What’s more, Maven Wave aims to bring out the best version of your business via Google Workspace, enabling seamless collaboration with other organizations like customers, partners, and suppliers. Moreover, saving organizations 5,009,106 total hours over three years, Google Workspace tools designed for collaboration such as Meet, Chat, and Drive allowed teams to shorten meeting durations and focus on active work. Sometimes even eliminating entire meetings that were no longer necessary due to a more active, collaborative environment. Other platforms struggle to deliver results at this level. 

Launching a Google Workspace Change Management Program

To fully unlock the growth, productivity, and collaboration powered by Google Workspace, Maven Wave helps businesses deploy a comprehensive organizational change management initiative to address resistance and reach goals. Through effective Google Workspace organizational change management, Maven Wave empowers businesses to create a valuable, positive cultural shift across companies that translates into increased productivity, efficiencies, collaboration, customer satisfaction, and a significant ROI. To learn more about Maven Wave’s holistic approach to Google Workspace change management, click here.

As we look forward to brighter days ahead, Maven Wave will lead the way for the world’s largest enterprises with Google Workspace’s many new, exciting, and secure features. At the same time, this powerful solution is resilient and robust enough to get businesses through the most challenging of times. If you’re ready to learn more about how Google Workspace can work for your company, click here to request a free demo from Maven Wave today. 

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