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EkkoSense and Packet Power Announce Technology Integration Partnership

EkkoSense and Packet Power Join Forces for Smarter Data Center Management

In a dynamic move, EkkoSense, a leader in AI-driven data center optimization software, has formed a strategic Technology Integration Partnership with Packet Power, renowned for their wireless power and environmental monitoring solutions.

This collaboration is set to revolutionize data center management. EkkoSense’s star product, EkkoSoft Critical, will integrate with Packet Power’s wireless monitoring solutions. This means robust tools for efficient operations on both sides.

Packet Power customers will now gain access to EkkoSense’s AI-powered Cooling Advisor, ensuring optimal data center thermal performance. This equates to energy savings and adherence to environmental standards. On the flip side, EkkoSense clients can harness Packet Power’s wireless monitoring for real-time energy consumption data and environmental tracking, bolstering informed decisions and risk management.

“Partnering with Packet Power makes sense for EkkoSense, as it not only provides a great opportunity to introduce EkkoSoft Critical and Cooling Advisor to an extended global audience, but also broadens the range of monitoring options available to our customers.” – EkkoSense’s CEO, Dean Boyle

For EkkoSense users, wireless monitoring expands, enhancing EkkoSense’s planning and management functions. Packet Power’s clients can leverage EkkoSense’s thermal optimization for efficient cooling strategies.

“Partnering with EkkoSense gives us the ability to deliver a broader range of solutions to help our customers operate more efficiently. Our partnership will give our customers access to EkkoSense’s light-touch, AI-enabled thermal optimization software to optimize cooling of their operations.” –  Packet Power’s CEO, Nate Nomeland

EkkoSense and Packet Power’s collaboration embodies innovation in energy efficiency, thermal optimization, and environmental responsibility. As data centers evolve, partnerships like this exemplify industry leaders’ drive to redefine possibilities. Through AI-driven optimization and wireless monitoring fusion, EkkoSense and Packet Power are reshaping data center performance management to the benefit of clients and the environment.

Read the full announcement here.

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