The WalkOut video is truly an attention-getter!

It’s when a 3D-like spokesperson appears to walk out across your desktop and mobile screens with new interactive video capabilities, such as:

– Providing price quotes, forms or surveys;
– Automatically downloading collateral;
– Instantly launching a specific webpage;
– And even providing an on-screen phone to connect interested prospects in real-time.

All these interactions happen right in the video, in a cool new proprietary technology, designed to drive your company’s lead generation.

Example with a call back.
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Example with a form.
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What are people saying about WalkOuts?  

“Our telecom and tech clients demand access to the most effective technology innovations available for distributing their news, targeting recipients and tracking and optimizing responses. With this new technology, we are able to deliver and execute ‘outside of the box’ marketing strategies our clients demand for their lead generation campaigns.” Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, JSA’s Founder and CEO

“This is the elevator pitch that we’ve all dreamt about. This revolutionary engaging technology allows us to deliver messages to our employees, partners, prospects, media and investors in a way that commands immediate, focused attention. I love that we can quickly connect with our UCC customers and prospects in a fast, interactive responsive manner.” Eric Gutshall, UCC’s Founder and CEO

Want to know more about the process and timeline?

Here is an idea of how quickly we can have your WalkOut over to you to start creating new leads for your company! Pretty cool, right? So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at [email protected] to book yours today.

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