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Vyve Broadband Is Helping Close America’s Digital Divide

Internet service provider has joined the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Vyve ACPAccording to the FCC, millions of Americans lack affordable internet service and therefore access to the building blocks of opportunity – information, education, politics, entertainment and other people. And it’s not just people in rural areas, either. A sole earner of a family of four in Washington D.C. that makes $53k or less a year is also considered disadvantaged by the FCC. The issue is Pan-American.

Through the ACP, the FCC aims to change the status quo, partnering with internet service providers (ISPs) across the country. And now Vyve Broadband, a pioneer in bringing game-changing internet technology to traditionally underserved communities, is the newest partner to join the program. With a fiber network footprint that crosses 16 states, the company will have a definite influence in helping close America’s digital divide.

The ACP provides a credit of up to $30 per month towards the cost of high-speed internet access for eligible low-income households. On Tribal lands, this credit goes up to $75. Eligible households can apply Vyve’s ACP credit to the company’s internet plans ranging from 105Mbps to Vyve Gig, where available.

“Affordable internet service helps to level the playing field for so many low-income families – it’s about access to opportunity. The FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program uniquely aligns with what has always been our mission. Since day one, we have championed delivering the best technologies to everyone, everywhere, regardless of location or financial status. The ACP program helps us to further that mission.”  – Phil Spencer, Chief Executive Officer, Vyve Broadband.

Vyve believes that access to information, literature, scholarly articles, arts and sciences, entertainment, politics, and people (among many others) are the building blocks of opportunity. The service provider continues its founding mission to provide essential high-speed internet services to traditionally underserved communities, regardless of location or socioeconomics.

To learn more about Vyve’s ACP participation, call 855-734-VYVE (8983) or visit www.vyvebroadband.com/acp


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