Your place to smartly meet and network with other top telecom, data center and tech decision makers. Unlike any other event app in our industry, the TEX Portal not only lets you intelligently plan one-on-one meeting that take place at any of JSA’s quarterly Telecom Exchange (TEX) events, but is accessible to all participants for any industry event and/or virtual meetings, 24/7/365. In order to foster a community mindshare between decision makers in the tech, telecom, data center and network infrastructure ecosystem, the TEX Portal lets you pitch ideas to a select group or all participants on the Idea Board, post or download educational papers and videos in the Library and more.

A one-year membership includes the ability to:

  1. Plan meetings virtually and at any/all industry events, including each quarterly Telecom Exchange (with intelligent recommendations on whom to meet);
  2. Pitch ideas on an Executive Idea Board; and
  3. Access and post educational papers in the Library and more.
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