Mike Shirk has been driving website and email innovation for JSA clients for well over 8 years.  As an active member of the online web team here at JSA, Mike has created well over 20 websites for the telecom community, always on-time (traditionally 2-3 months turnaround), in budget, and with passion, skill and grace.

Mike’s skillset includes advanced knowledge and utilization of full-stack web development, as well as computer software engineering.  He deploys HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and PHP coding to develop custom, online branding solutions for JSA clients.  His passion extends to creating websites, custom plug-ins for WordPress, online directories and client management systems, as well as being an active developer in the coding community. Working hand-in-hand with JSA’s Christopher Ellis, Mike has also been responsible for designing and deploying the JSA website development program, created to ensure customer satisfaction for telecom and high-tech web design through all steps of JSA engagement.

An entrepreneur and marketer at heart, Mike has also been the CEO of his own firm SHIRKWORX for the past 18 years.  Prior to JSA and SHIRKWORX, he was also the Art Director and Graphic Designer of other industry leading design agencies.

His education includes a B.A. in Graphic Design at Pennsylvania Statue University and coding certificates from Free Code Camp in full-stack web development and computer software engineering.

When he’s not writing code, Mike enjoys spending time with his family friends in the great state of Pennsylvania.