Time to Get Social on Social Networks!
JSA’s Social Media Hot Tips for 2018


Ahhh, social media – while the actual core social platforms have pretty much remained a constant (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – you know all the big ones), the possibilities for what you can do on social – both personally and professionally – continue to grow.

Focusing on the U.S., the adoption of social media platforms is steadily rising, with an estimated 69% of the public using some type of social media, according to Pew Research Center. When compared to the adoption rates in 2005 of just 5%, that 69% figure is quite astounding.

On a worldwide scale, WeAreSocial’s Global Digital Report 2018 states that the number of social users this year is 3.196 billion; up 13% from last year.

That’s where JSA comes in – we’ve gathered the top 8 best practices for social media in 2018. Use this booklet as a handy guide for what your business should be doing in 2018 to maximize your potential!

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