Small Company Offerings

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Small budget? No problem.

Getting the word out shouldn’t just be for the big- budget companies.  Often, it’s the innovative start-ups that have ‘the next big thing’ but struggle to get their product or service into the crowded marketplace and placed above the white noise. That’s where we come in.  JSA experts can be of service, in a small, easy per-project manner, while you grow into your ‘PR Legs’, or via a small retainer to keep you top-of-mind and proactively pitched.

Walk Before We Run: Per Project Work

Want to move slowly at first?  We get it.  Let’s focus on one press release– you can write it or we can, and then we can distribute through our JSA outreach channels (including emailed to our database, pitched to our top media, highlighted in our weekly news wrap-up email and monthly newsletter, featured on our blog, and shared throughout our social boards).  Hey, we can do a wire distribution– or not.  Your choice there as well.  We’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step.

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Retain and Save

The real value is in a small dedicated team that can continuously pitch, write, research and strategize on your behalf.  How does it work? For the price of bringing in one marketing coordinator in house, and with little to no risk, we can assign a 2 or 3-person team to your company, to be your outsourced PR and marketing department.  We also bring our own tracking and reporting capabilities, proven industry relationships and insane databases and expertise.

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