Messaging Strategy Workshop

Messaging Strategy Workshop


Your brand is your company’s foundation; all vision, values and storytelling are based on your brand pillars.  The necessary first step of deploying a strategic marketing plan is defining your brand’s core messaging and unique value propositions.  From this base, you can better align not just your go-to-market strategies, but your overall company vision and core messaging, in unison and geared for success.

During our one-month engagement, JSA’s messaging experts will work with your team to:

  • Identify your unique value proposition for your company’s products and services.
  • Define and tighten your core messaging, as necessary.
  • Outline your brand pillars:  What is your brand positioning and key selling proposition?  Where do you see your company in one year?  Two?  Five? What does the roadmap look like to get there?

Our immediate goal is to decide on the keywords and phrases that define your brand’s purpose, positioning and key differentiators.  We will do this with a survey of participants leading into our meeting, including cross-functional team members as well as third-party customers and partners when and as needed. This, combined with the data we gather through our competitive and keyword analysis, will help shape our workshop session. The resulting deliverable in an estimated one-month’s time frame: to create the core brand positioning and key messaging to drive awareness to your brand, with the final output being a concise marketing plan tied to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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Not sure if your company’s core messaging is working? Need help defining who you are targeting, where they are located, and what are their pain points? Can’t agree on your ideal customer profile, which is necessary for targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies moving forward?

With your brand defined, the rest will follow– as this will become your ongoing business strategy, where your team can work more successfully under the same values, mission and purpose. 

With a JSA Messaging Strategy Workshop, JSA’s industry-specific, content experts will prepare and present a set of go-to-market strategy recommendations, complete with target events, speaking opportunities, award submissions, core media and analyst outreach suggestions and more, to act as your road map forward, for the next 12 months ahead.


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