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netnumber’s nnCI Makes Mobile Trust… Measurable?

As the number of messaging and voice vectors, devices, business strategies and brands at work in the global mobile ecosystem diversifies and proliferates, it’s undeniable that having reliable, efficient and secure processes is vital. Businesses need to trust that across use cases like one-time passwords and user registration that sensitive data is kept secure — and they also need to be able to trust that they are routing messages to and from active, appropriate places. If proper insight and validation isn’t there, lost revenue, negative experiences and fraud risk can quickly spiral out of control. On the customer and end-user side, being able to trust that communications are protected continues to be top of mind. And yet, an increasingly complex ecosystem makes having the right validation processes tricky. That is, until netnumber Global Data Services solved the challenge with its new netnumber Confidence Index (nnCI)

A proprietary confidence index (and part of the NumeriCheck solution), nnCI easily and simply rates the validity, reachability, and connectivity of any phone number — globally, and in real time. As a result, the nnCI empowers sophisticated, accurate and ultra-fast solutions to combat growing global fraud, reliability and cost-efficiency concerns.

The magic of this tool lies in its use of netnumber Global Data Services’ global, reliable, harmonized and robust database of phone attributes. By taking into account rich behavioral data, routing hygiene insights and more, the nnCI closes a host of mission-critical gaps. When a phone number is submitted to this index, netnumber conducts a lookup of all available network data points and activities in real time, ultimately calculating a 0-5 confidence index ranking response. The higher the rank, the more confidence the phone number is valid, connected and reachable.

The nnCI delivers game-changing advantages for a range of use cases as well, improving efficiency, reliability, user experience and risk mitigation across:

  • User registration
  • Opt-in and user list management
  • Password reset
  • Invalid or fraudulent caller/ID detection
  • Fraudulent or invalid number destination detection

“It’s nearly impossible to understate the value of having an actionable, accurate, lightning-fast and granular data-based view into the masses of communications organizations within the mobile ecosystem are fulfilling every day,” comments Steve Legge, CEO of netnumber Global Data Services. “Without proper verification and validation, there are so many instances along the user journey that could become a liability — but the nnCI is designed to help solve those problems and provide critical intelligence to assist in closing the gaps. We are always looking to push further for more customer simplicity, confidence and innovation, and this is a powerful next step that we’re very excited to share.”

To learn more about the nnCI, check out the associated media and press kit (featuring a downloadable infographic) here.

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