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netnumber Amps Up Intelligent Communications Visibility, Eases FCC Compliance with Validation

Brands, enterprises and communications service providers are finding themselves firmly in the crosshairs of customer calls for more trusted communications and wider regulation from bodies like the FCC. In North America, mobile communications ecosystems are more complex than ever — but managing that complexity with added visibility and validation is the key to building better, more secure messaging.

To aid this continuous evolution, netnumber (the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data) has proudly announced a significant investment in and new validation capabilities for its Number Check (NumeriCheck) solution in North America.

Originally launched in April of 2023, Number Check has served as an industry-leading tool for evaluating the validity of a phone number anywhere in the world, providing crucial insights that support more thorough communications verification and validation practices. Now, this service is complemented by a new capability: Instant Validation.

Number Check’s powerful new approach delivers real-time, easy-to-use attribute reporting with the help of netnumber’s proprietary confidence index (nnCI). The result is increased accessibility and usability of vital phone number intelligence data, ensuring customers can make better decisions based on real phone number behavior in their ecosystem. Instant Validation is a real-time service that is easy to integrate with its simplified output of an advanced machine learning model.

This proprietary capability boosts ecosystem visibility during a critical inflection point both for business operations and industry policy. Not only does this new Number Check capability improve delivery performance, enhance user experiences, reduce transaction costs and avert risk by identifying inactive phone numbers, it also assists providers with a 2023 FCC order. 

The new FCC order, beginning in September, requires mobile wireless providers to implement new blocking capabilities for mobile messages. Texts purporting to be from North American Numbering Plan (NANP) numbers on a reasonable Do-Not-Originate (DNO) list must be blocked. This includes messages that use invalid, unallocated, or unused numbers, and NANP numbers for which the subscriber to the number has requested that texts purporting to originate from that number be blocked. Number Check will support service provider efforts to comply with this new requirement by offering an additional tool that will help identify numbers that should be blocked according to the FCC order. 

“Across North America, regulatory pressure is increasing as the demand for more trusted, reliable communications grows. Players in the mobile ecosystem should always be seeking to maximize their visibility into their communications, and the upcoming FCC order serves to underscore the critical importance of validation and verification,” comments Steve Legge, President and CEO of netnumber. “Our product portfolio is built to not only deliver the very best, most intelligent, real-time resources for providers in these ecosystems, but to help them easily keep pace with the rate of change and optimization within the industry. Our latest update to Number Check reflects our dedication to staying ahead of industry requirements and always identifying ongoing opportunities for increased value on behalf of our customers.” 

To learn more, don’t miss the full press release here.

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