Melanie Blenis

Account Director & Writer

A seasoned marketing and communications professional, Melanie offers JSA clients on-target messaging and strategic direction. Branding, corporate identity, and positioning drive all her efforts. Seeing tangible results for clients truly drives her. Her background spans entertainment, health care, technology and finance. With twenty five years of experience working with many clients, her most recent work includes: U.S. Bank and TNG Retail Services (a Jim Pattison Company).

Melanie offers a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and a Master’s in Professional Communications, graduating with highest honors. Melanie has special training in writing pedagogy, specifically in the workplace.

Living “in balance” defines Melanie’s every day. An avid trail runner, she is up before the sun and adds in lifting, cycling and tennis. Along with many half marathons, she has also competed twice in the Spartan OCR World Championship.

Spending time with family and friends is her favorite way to spend a day.

Life mantra: We don’t have to, we get to.



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Percentage Vegan


Average Resting Heart Rate


Rule: Don’t talk about Cookie Club.

Fun Facts

What excites you about content?

Words matter. Tone matters. Telling stories, with intention and that resonate, shapes outcomes and creates opportunities. The possible becomes real with just the right messaging.

What is the right messaging?

The right messaging incorporates all that a brand represents while also delivering on-point, targeted content using appropriate channels for desired reach.

What comes first?

In this case, it is not the chicken or the egg! Advancing business for clients takes an integrated approach with simultaneous attention to everything: market forces, competition, goals, products, social media, current news and so much more.

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