Karissa Campbell

Vice President, Marketing & Account Strategy

Karissa Campbell has been a member of the executive team at JSA since 2009, bringing more than 17 years of marketing and PR experience in the communications industry. As Vice President of Marketing & Account Strategy, Karissa leads multiple client accounts, including: developing solid marcomm strategies; ensuring successful project management; performing outreach to media and analysts; writing and distributing press releases, bylined articles, blogs; posting across social media; delivering timely M&A communications, developing and designing business collateral; managing web and design projects, among many other tasks. Karissa is also an integral part of our own JSA marketing and PR initiatives, working hard to nurture our bottom line and to ensure JSA, its clients and the industry have the necessary educational content and tools to make better business decisions.

Recently awarded “JSA’s Most Heartfelt Leader,” Karissa is caring and passionate about ensuring success for not only JSA, but all of our clients as well.

Previously, Karissa owned her own marketing and advertising company, Creative Insight Design of CT. Before that, she worked as a marketing lead for Nexus Energy Software (now Aclara Software), a utility marketing and software firm.

Karissa received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Journalism from Suffolk University in Boston, MA.  She is a proud wife and mother of two children, Autumn and Brady. She loves animals, and has three pets, Lacey the pug, Max the cat, and Moses the Schnauzer-Yorkie.

Get To Know Your JSAer:

What does the word “family” mean to you?

Family is an all-encompassing word to represent individuals (animals included!) who share great love for and loyalty to each other. Whether born into a family by blood, or falling into a family by fate, a family is a group of people who will ‘have each other’s backs’ at any time, and who seek to grow, love, learn and laugh together in this journey called life. I have many families in my life – the family I was born into, the family I gained through marriages, the family I MADE (hubby and kids!), my friends-family, my band family, and of COURSE, my JSA family.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When it comes to living my life, I love to make every moment count.  Two years ago, I took the leap and accepted an invitation to be lead female vocalist in my band (Roc-Kin’-On). We are a tight-knit group of five and I love how we are growing within our local music scene. It makes my soul happy to sing, especially with a great group of talented musicians at some pretty awesome local venues, surrounded by family, friends and fans!

In my downtime, and to ensure I am keeping calm in my crazy busy life, I love to journal. I have over 40 journals I’ve kept throughout my lifetime, including journals I write in frequently for my children.

While I do appreciate some good alone time (required for journaling!), I am most happy when I am surrounded by my family and friends – just open a bottle of wine, share a good app or two and top it with fascinating conversation and laughter, and my evening is made!

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Karissa’s Writing Samples include:

ISE Magazine (FirstLight) – https://www.isemag.com/2017/01/the-demand-is-there-are-we-ready/

165 Halsey e-books – http://www.165halsey.com/ebooks/  (ongoing series)

Data Center Journal – http://www.datacenterjournal.com/nycs-changing-commercial-tenant-landscape-and-growing-broadband-needs/

Data Center Journal – http://www.datacenterjournal.com/new-york-city-tech-industry-continues-to-thrive-a-look-at-silicon-alley/

New York Real Estate Journal – http://nyrej.com/company-of-the-month-tw-telecom-manhattan-a-strong-network-to-unite-people-and-institutions-and-connect-them-to-the-world

New York Real Estate Journal – http://nyrej.com/60862

New York Real Estate Journal – http://nyrej.com/tw-telecom-reveals-major-multi-market-expansion



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Why do you love this industry?

Simply stated: I love its relevance — the good it can do for the world, its incredible (albeit sometimes frightening) influence on humankind, its challenges, and its ability to constantly adapt and improve.

Why do you love this company?

We are a family and together we are building a work home that encourages creativity, growth, and inclusion, with an emphasis on work-life balance and delivering the very best services to our JSA clients.

Your top 3 reasons for JSA's success?

1.) Our amazing team – full of talent, strong work ethic, dedication and passion for what we do.
2.) Our loyal clients – it is an honor working for top telecom and technology companies – each offering diverse services and entrusting JSA to tell their stories, increase visibility in the marketplace, and foster quality lead generation.
3.) And, saving the best for last – our fearless leader – Jaymie. Jaymie had a vision on the kind of company she wanted to start and lead – and 15 years later, she is the epitome of success. She leads with heart, passion and inspires creativity and innovation in us every day.

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