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Get to Know Your JSAer: Blerim Mehmeti, Our In-House SEO and Digital Ad Expert with a Passion for Tech Gadgets

Digital marketing initiatives, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital advertising, are important components of a fully-integrated marketing campaign strategy. With this in mind, we wanted to introduce you to JSA’s in-house expert: Technical Manager of SEO and Digital Advertising, Blerim Mehmeti. Blerim uses his extensive experience to get you the best ROI on your digital ads and his knowledge of the latest SEO strategies to optimize your website for organic search. Read on to also learn why he is also our go-to guy for recommendations for the next hot tech gadget!

Let’s start off talking about how you started your position at JSA. What got you excited about working here from the start?

When I first heard about JSA, I did a little research and found I really admired their core values – it really resonated with me that they held their employees to such high standards of integrity and respect. Right after my first interview, I got really excited – I knew I wanted to be a part of the JSA Family. 

Get to Know Your JSAer: Blerim Mehmeti, Our In-House SEO and Digital Ad Expert with a Passion for Tech GadgetsYou are a complete whiz when it comes to SEO, can you shed some light on why this kind of work is so important for our clients?

This is a great question. Basically, having a high SEO score earns your company credibility with search engines. It requires you to be more thoughtful with your website content: you can fill your website up with copy but if it isn’t optimized, you’re missing an opportunity to be found. Optimized content helps you rank higher in search engine results, which in turn can increase your website traffic. If your website ranks for target keywords on the first or even second page of popular search engines such as Google and Bing, you gain more visitors, therefore producing higher ROI for your website content. Having a strong SEO earns you credibility for your company also helps you gain a more loyal audience to your website which can produce high ROI. When we look at SEO it is better than any other source of traffic, your goal should be to have most of your audience coming from SEO efforts.

You’re also a member of our digital ads team. Can you tell us how you’ve seen digital ad strategies change over the past couple of years and, perhaps, even more notably in the past 12 months?

Digital ad strategies have changed dramatically in the past few years, and especially over the last 12 months! Specifically in the past 12 months, I’ve noticed how businesses have shifted their strategies more towards digital advertising. This has made the space considerably more competitive and requires an even more strategic approach to messaging and target audience than ever before. Understanding your target audience is key; it’s probably the most important first step to your digital ad strategy. By correctly identifying a very specific target audience, you

Get to Know Your JSAer: Blerim Mehmeti, Our In-House SEO and Digital Ad Expert with a Passion for Tech Gadgets

 can really hone in on the best leads and maximize your ROI.

You are definitely our in-house expert on the latest in technology trends – you even have a YouTube channel where you do tech reviews in your spare time. Can you talk about that a bit, and any other hobbies or interests you have outside of work?

I really love technology, that’s the main reason I even started doing tech reviews. Having the chance to test out a product that hasn’t been released yet or reviewing a product that can help someone choose their next purchase is what makes my day. I’m also currently learning how to play the electric guitar! And when I’m not filming tech reviews or practicing some new riffs, my favorite thing to do is spend time with my family.

What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead, both within JSA and otherwise?

In the next few years, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to continue growing, both in terms of my own skills and expertise, and helping the company itself grow. We had a really successful year in 2020 and did a lot of great work despite the pandemic. I’m excited to see how 2021 goes and to be able to make a positive difference and bring new ideas to the table.

Get to Know Your JSAer: Blerim Mehmeti, Our In-House SEO and Digital Ad Expert with a Passion for Tech Gadgets

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