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FiberSense’s VID+R®️ Technology Records the World’s First “Building-By-Building” Impact Seismic Measurements After New Zealand Earthquake

FiberSense, a leading infrastructure sensing and monitoring company, is proud to announce that its VID+R®️ technology provided the world’s first “building-by-building” impact on seismic measurements from the Sept. 22 earthquake in Wellington, New Zealand.

“Our DigitalSeismic sensing service that we have operating on fiber optic telecoms cables in Wellington detected a range of activity from the earthquake centered on the Cook Strait last week,” said FiberSense Founder and CEO Mark Englund. “We cross-referenced our measurements with the records of the official earthquake sensors and the results were remarkable – for the first time ever we’ve calibrated the impact of quakes down to a building-by-building analysis level.”  

FiberSense’s DigitalSeismic service captured the peak ground acceleration with around 1000x greater fidelity compared to what conventional seismic networks achieved.

“We believe this capability will be an invaluable tool for first responders, utilities, critical infrastructure owners and seismologists, as well as government authorities in assessing the damage from earthquakes,” England continues. 

FiberSense has a partnership with seismologists at University of Victoria, Wellington and University of Auckland through a grant provided from EQC to study the earthquake recordings. Through this science partnership the company is offering to the community, FiberSense hopes to foster new opportunities in earthquake early warning and seismic hazard analysis.

For more information on FiberSense, visit www.fibersense.com, learn about DigitalSeismic and read more recent FiberSense news.

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