Dean Perrine


A 20-year veteran of the telecom industry, Dean brings a complementary mix of industry analysis, strategy and deep PR/Marketing acumen to the JSA team. With a history of brand elevation and start up strategy successes, Dean leverages his diverse skill set and client-centric philosophy to serve JSA clients and grow the company.

Prior to joining JSA, Dean served as Consultant for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, where he contributed to the company’s overall business strategy and direction by providing key competitor insights and analysis in an uncertain healthcare reform environment. Prior to working at the Association, Dean spent 10 years working with industry leading telecom research and consulting firm, New Paradigm Resources Group (NPRG), where he served as Director of Competitive Analysis. As Director at NPRG, Dean was responsible for guiding the research strategies and analyses produced by the Competitive Analysis team.

Dean earned his Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations from Ball State University. A self-described ‘music snob’, Dean enjoys playing guitar, uncovering new music, acting, writing and annoying his 3 children in his spare time.

Get To Know Your JSAer:

How would you describe your management (leadership) style?

Ahh, easy: Fun! That’s not to say that I don’t take my work very seriously, because I most certainly do – and personally for that matter. But I firmly believe in enjoying the moment; taking in the collaborative spirit and uniquely human interaction with others. I think a large part of my professional successes are directly attributable to creating an open and respectful (and yes, fun) environment in which to work. I like knowing if my colleagues and clients are doing well (or not doing well). I enjoy hearing about their families and about their struggles and successes. Seeing one another as humans with similar wants and desires and fears truly sets an expectation of trust and, IMO, a more relaxed and productive environment.

What is your most embarrassing professional experience?

Yikes! Is having a client meeting at a Sushi Bar and then spending the rest of the afternoon enjoying the decor of the clients’ bathroom, embarrassing? If yes, then that.

What are your pet peeves?

Hmm, in no particular order…
1. The use of ever-evolving, ever-changing, ever-ever etc etc
2. Distracted driving (texting and whatnot)
3. Poor dental hygiene (i mean, it takes no time at all)
4. Chronically late people
5. Backwards baseball caps (get off my lawn!)
6. Ripped jeans (stay off my lawn!)
7. People who think 5’7 is short
8. Tall people
9. Gummy anything (but particularly vitamins)
10. Dirty eyeglasses (i can’t even look at people when their glasses are smudgy)



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Fun Facts

Why do you love this industry?

Simply stated: I love its relevance — the good it can do for the world, its incredible (albeit sometimes frightening) influence on humankind, its challenges, and its ability to constantly adapt and improve.

Why do you love this company?

We are a family and together we are building a work home that encourages creativity, growth, and inclusion, with an emphasis on work-life balance and delivering the very best services to our JSA clients.

Your top 3 reasons for JSA's success?

First and foremost: Our team.  I’ve been blessed to attract, retain and incentivize the very best in our industry and in marketing, and to learn from one another on a daily basis.  Second: our unwavering dedication to the telecom and data center space. We provide decades of proven industry expertise that is simply not available anywhere else.  Third:  we invest in ourselves.  We support our clients’ marketing plans with top-of-the-line media and technology monitoring tools to ensure we are providing the very best care and support, and to benchmark and compare and optimize our results in the marketplace accordingly.

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