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Crusoe Data Center Services

Crusoe’s New Modular Data Center Services Deliver the New Frontier of Clean Cloud Computing

Global dependence on data is increasing. At the same time, the number of data centers worldwide is expanding to support that demand. It’s true that data centers and data center services are vital elements of our digital economy — but they also utilize massive amounts of power and create a substantial amount of greenhouse gas emissions. 

As it stands, data centers’ global share of electricity consumption is approximately 3%. This number will likely continue to rise, and what’s needed are pioneering companies driving sustainable change in order to build a greener future for IT. 

A Computing Strategy for Tomorrow’s Green Pioneers

Crusoe Energy, a company on a mission to align climate goals with the future of computing infrastructure, just answered this call for green solutions with its newly unveiled Data Center Services offering (a new product within its scalable, clean and low-cost cloud compute infrastructure). Crusoe’s Data Center Services empower customers to gain unmatched environmental benefits — without sacrificing the power of modern data centers. The company’s disruptive Digital Flare MitigationⓇ technology, the core of this solution’s sustainable capabilities, derives power from a traditionally stranded resource: natural gas produced as a byproduct from the oil industry that is otherwise burned off by flaring. 

These Data Center Services match the networking and operational capabilities of core data centers while allowing organizations to meet their environmental mandates by dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Leveraging Digital Flare MitigationⓇ, methane emissions can be reduced by approximately 98%, and CO2-equivalent emissions by 63% compared to continued flaring. Notably, this technology achieves environmental and emissions results that dramatically outperform even solar and wind power.*

Infrastructure that Protects and Connects

Crusoe’s modular steel structures deliver a secure, highly controlled environment, and these structures are complete with security access controls, dust-proof vestibules, redundant HVAC cooling, dual-feed power design, uninterruptible power supplies and fire suppression systems. Power is delivered at flat monthly rates, and density is available from 12.5kW to 25kW per rack, or 250kW per module, remaining scalable up to multiple megawatts. 

This colocation benefits from a strategic location in the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana, offering top-notch security for data that can be stored and replicated away from high-profile hubs, offering a discreet, diverse environment with low risk of natural disasters. Still, high-availability, high-bandwidth fiber optic networking keeps customers in touch with their data, offering 99.95% service availability, access to multiple long-haul fiber optic routes, round-trip latency <60ms from anywhere in the continental U.S and more. 

Crusoe delivers Data Center Services at a fraction of the environmental impact and cost of comparable services. Today, the company is serving as an industry trailblazer, offering technologies that support the world’s most innovative companies as they strengthen their environmental stewardship. 

To learn more about Crusoe Energy, please visit www.crusoedatacenters.com or www.crusoeenergy.com and www.crusoecloud.com or contact via email at [email protected]. 

* Estimate based on generalized solar/wind assets.

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