JSA Canada

As a division of Jaymie Scotto and Associates, JSA Canada consists of a team of Canadian PR and Marketing professionals who have a cumulative 50+ years of experience within the Canadian business, telecom and technology communities.  The Canadian team provides a deep understanding of go-to-market strategies for our Canadian clientele.


  • An established Canadian division of a vibrant U.S. organization with roots in New York, LA, Toronto, and Vancouver
  • JSA Canada services can accelerate Canadian telecom and tech companies’ rapid growth in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and beyond
  • Hyper-focused on telecom and tech; we know the language, have the contacts, expertise, tools and processes for companies up and down the OSI Stack
  • Leveraging the solid network, infrastructure and well-honed best practices of JSA US, our Canadian team is well-equipped to service the Canadian market
  • Solid Canadian media network, relationships and reach
  • Access to global media database that is updated daily with over 1 MM journalists, analysts, bloggers and social influencers
  • Not only do we provide PR, marketing and event planning services, we also provide a proven readership – via our established JSA Channels (such as our monthly newsletters, our weekly wrap-ups, our industry blog, our JSA TV YouTube channel, our JSA Radio channel on iHeartRadio, our executive networking events called Telecom Exchange and more
  • Proven success in growing our clients’ brand equity long-term, often resulting in M&As and/or lucrative exit strategies
  • Team and relationships are firmly grounded in all that is Canada


At JSA Canada, we take a strategic and inclusive view of your marketing and PR needs. Our first step is a road map based on your goals, timeframe, and budget. We align our messaging and promotions with key events throughout the year to promote your latest technology and/or service and to keep you ‘top of mind’ among your peers and prospects.

Our Canada services include media relations, search engine optimization, lead generation, Google AdWords/PPC advertising, social media, website design, and more. Our experts work daily to make sure you get ROI on your marketing investments by paying attention to all aspects of your company’s communications.

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“JSA is a valuable part of our corporate strategy and are an extension of our Canadian team. As exceptional writers and strategists, who are tied into local trends and regulations, we fully trust the exceptional work from our JSA family.”  –  Paul McCluskey, VP Channels, Marketing & Business Development, CENX


“We’ve been working with JSA for many years, and consider them to be our fully outsourced marketing department. They provide a 4-person team to handle all facets of our marketing strategy and execution. With a focus of work on building campaigns, internal and external communications, digital marketing and extensive event planning, JSA helps us grow our brand equity every step of the way.”  – Rob Barlow, CEO of WireIE


The Canadian tech industry is booming. In Quebec alone, the industry is looking to fill thousands of positions by 2019. That also means competition is increasing. Your success in this burgeoning industry depends upon a brand image with a wide reach that can generate impressions and convert them into leads. That’s where JSA Canada comes in. We’re experts in growth-hacking and lead generation. With roots in the tech-rich state of California and the telecom hubs of New York, Chicago and Toronto and more, we have been growing tech and telecom businesses since 2005!