Zayo Group is expanding its Northeast route to include a high-capacity, regional network for Ethernet and Wavelengths transport. Zayo’s Northeast expansion will provide transport services at speeds of 1Gigabit, 2.5Gigabit and 10Gigabit per second with a total network capacity of 800Gigabits. The new network will provide services between Ashburn, VA, Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA. The build is scheduled to be complete by end of first quarter 2012.

The expansion includes service points at the following addresses:

  • Ashburn, VA: 21715 Filigree
  • Chicago, IL: 350 E. Cermak
  • Cleveland, OH: 1525 Rockwell
  • New York, NY: 60 Hudson & 111 8th Ave.
  • Philadelphia, PA: 2401 Locust & 401 N. Broad

For more information and specific network routes, visit