Zayo has completed its purchase of the remaining interest in USCarrier Telecom, LLC (USCarrier). Zayo Group acquired an approximately 50% interest in USCarrier through a previous acquisition of American Fiber Systems in October 2010. The purchase price, which included $2.3 million to retire USCarrier’s outstanding net indebtedness, was $15.9 million.

USCarrier is a regional fiber-based bandwidth services provider with a network that spans the southeastern United States including Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. USCarrier offers transport services like Ethernet and Wavelengths, which Zayo Group will continue to offer as a product. The acquisition adds a 3,700-mile regional fiber network that connects major markets including Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Nashville and Chattanooga.

Along with the larger tier 1 markets, the network extends into 40 smaller cities, such as Macon and Savannah, Georgia and Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama. Also, with the USCarrier assets, Zayo Group will extend connectivity into its previous island market of Nashville. The transaction was funded from cash on hand.

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