Dear Healthcare IT Departments,

If you haven’t upgraded your network, what are you waiting for? An emergency? The time to upgrade is now or you risk being left behind, far behind. As healthcare organizations ramp up Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act compliance measures, the increasing security and regulatory requirements will likely force providers to examine the state of their current networks. Think about how particular we are regarding our privacy settings for social media. Now, multiply that a 1,000 fold for how secure we demand our medical records to be as new data is gathered and analyzed, virtually, in real-time. It has the potential to be the stuff of healthcare IT and network managers’ nightmares. As technology improves the standard of healthcare in New York City and across the US, new questions born of the continually evolving regulatory requirements will emerge.

Fiber is the network backbone of choice for healthcare Doctor preparing online internet prescriptionorganizations. As telehealth becomes mainstream in 2015 and news tools (devices) for collecting and processing patient medical records become increasingly scrutinized for safety and security, so too should the method in which that data is delivered and stored. Enhanced remote monitoring, through wearable technology, for instance, is an accepted and trusted way to gather and communicate highly sensitive information – as its use increases it can only add to the network load not only in bandwidth but on its reliability, cost structure, and security.. How efficiently, and more importantly, securely, that information gets to the targeted healthcare professional and where it is stored is the real question we should all be asking ourselves.

Healthcare providers’ growing bandwidth demands require the scalability and security of dark fiber custom network solutions. Custom solutions enable the transmission of data from one site to another while simultaneously helping healthcare institutions reduce operational costs. What’s more, the need for safe storage of this data will grow exponentially in the coming years.

Today’s healthcare networks will collect data from millions of individuals. Dark fiber and custom network solutions enable healthcare ecosystems to store, secure, and transmit within a scalable network architecture with complete control. Innovation combined with current hospital network restrictions will cripple the industry if necessary upgrades are not met.

HeWhen the day comes (and it is inevitable) and we’re all sporting wearable devices to monitor our heartbeat and blood sugar while logging in to see our doctors on our tablets, cell phones and laptops, it’s important to consider that it’s the network that makes it possible. The real revolution in healthcare is happening behind the scenes. No, it’s not as sexy as your wristwatch or smartphone. The evolution of HIT starts with the network that provides the efficient and secure transmission of your most important and private information.

Chances are your organization is already utilizing telehealth and bandwidth intensive applications. Having a network that is prepared for the influx of data is key to offering patients and medical professionals the best possible care and tools.

Meet or talk with an Axiom Fiber Networks team member to discuss your critical network requirements and how we can greatly improve your networking capabilities.

Here’s to your health,Alvarez-Felipe-headshot

Felipe J. Alvarez
Felipe J. Alvarez, CEO