Data demands are rising and, across vast swaths of terrain, that data must be transported from one point to another. More and more, enterprises, financial institutions and service providers are weighing their options for transporting this data quickly, securely and with zero service interruption. The answer, they are finding, lies in long haul networking. Building out a long haul network is certainly easier said than done, which is why XKL’s expert team put together a five-step guide to a successful deployment. 

Lighting a long haul network is an expensive proposition, but one that comes with many benefits including control, security, speed and overall ease of management. If the business case can be made to take the long haul route, the benefits of doing so emerge fairly quickly. In short, when you control the equipment, you control the security, latency and expense.

In this new eBook, XKL answers common long haul deployment questions and assesses the potential pitfalls that must be avoided. Readers will come away with a better understanding of the intricacies of deploying a long haul network, all while learning how to limit expenses when possible.

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